Never Again? Meanwhile this is happening in the heart of Israel

Things to remember on Holocaust Remembrance Day:

1.  Last year on Holocaust Remembrance Day Israeli police on the Temple Mount instructed Jews not to stand still during the siren to honor Holocaust victims for fear of offending Arabs.

2.  A group of Jewish children were attacked on the Temple Mount by an Arab mob.  Sticks and shoes were thrown at them.  They were cursed and spat at.  Their hair was pulled.  This did not happen in some European ghetto.  It happened on the Temple Mount. The Israeli government did nothing and no arrests were made.


3.  An elderly Six Day War veteran, who helped liberate the Temple Mount, who is now a rabbi, recited a blessing for his fallen comrades while on the Temple Mount.  He was banned from visiting the Temple Mount.

4.  A Jewish teen appeared to pray while on Temple Mount.  He was manhandled and arrested by Israeli police.  Meanwhile, Arab youth played soccer on the Temple Mount.


5.  Jews ascended the Temple Mount with an Israeli flag.  They were promptly arrested.  Meanwhile, Hamas, Palestinian, and Muslim Brotherhood flags were flown at will on the Temple Mount.

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Muslim Brotherhood rally on Temple Mount
Muslim Brotherhood rally on Temple Mount

6.  Throughout the year, Jews were locked off the Temple Mount on Jewish holidays by PM Netanyahu, per the instructions of the King of Jordan.

7.  Jewish youth celebrating Jerusalem Day were prohibited from holding posters that said, “The Temple Mount is in Our Hands!”  Meanwhile Arab youth were allowed to stockpile rocks in a mosque on the Temple Mount to throw at Jews.10154458_10150419556924969_4387520787591050278_n

8.  Knesset member, Moshe Feiglin, who has ascended the Temple Mount monthly for years, was barred from ascending after being elected to the Knesset for fear of offending Arabs.  Meanwhile, a Hamas terrorists released from jail was given a heroes welcome on the Temple Mount.

MK Feiglin and Rabbi Ariel  forbidden from ascending the Mount
MK Feiglin and Rabbi Ariel forbidden from ascending the Mount
Hamas terrorist welcomed on Temple Mount

9.  Capitulation, kowtowing, and dhimmitude can be used interchangeably to describe the actions of the “sovereign” Israeli government.

“Never again!” will be sincerely said by many Jews, but sadly, it rings hollow when the heart of Israel continues to have a dagger thrust in it.

About the Author
Camie Davis is a non-Jewish writer and advocate for Israel.