Slavica Milosevic

Never again

Crystal Night – The night of November 9 – 10. 1938. Is also known as Night of Broken Glass. Undoubtedly, it was the night of hate, the night when Nazis vandalized Jewish property, homes, and synagogues. The windows of 7 500 Jewish owned shops were shattered. 30 000 Jewish males were arrested and transferred to local prisons. At least 91 Jews were killed that night.

Nazis “justified” these horrific acts simply by encouraging their propaganda: “Jews were to blame for the problems in the country, specifically those which were connected with economy in Germany.” Therefore, Nazi regime promulgated laws in order to deprive Jews of their property.

One of the laws which have been approved was: “Aryanization policy”. To be more specific, it meant that Jewish owned property was transferred to “Aryan” ownership. Dozens of policies were approved, for instance:

Jews were banned from public places.

Jews could not go to cinema, theaters, and concert halls.

Jews were barred from schools on November 15.

Jews were forbidden to use public transport, moreover they were forbidden to hold their driver`s licence.

Jewish shops were banned; however Jewish money and gold were taken by Nazis.

Jews were not able to live a regular life. They were highly discriminated just because they are Jews.

A few weeks ago I listened to testimony of one Jewish survivor who is a writer and lives in my country. The sentence which I could not forget and probably won’t ever is when he told the fact that when one Jewish women wanted to buy a dress of some specific material, she was not allowed. She was not allowed because she is Jewish.

I could not ever imagine the situation that you want to buy something; you are not going to be allowed just because of who you are. I could never imagine situation where some hateful riot come and break your store, just because of who you are. Admittedly, Jews were condemned, restricted, banned, tortured, and murdered just because of one reason: They were Jews. What a shameful part of history it is.

Furthermore, while reading articles about Crystal Night, in one I have found a photograph of Nazi member which is taken on 1st April 1933. Nazi member was standing next to a sign on which was written: “Boycott Jewish businesses.” “Don`t buy from Jews.”

When I saw that photograph I have figured out that today there is propaganda against Jews which had just changed its form, it is called BDS. BDS movement which encourage and manipulate people to boycott Israel. Again, there is riot who openly calls to boycott products from Israel and the world is silent. Same hate, similar propaganda, however position of Jews is not the same.

In addition, now Jews are safe, free and proud to tell who they are, they will never be homeless.

“The Jewish people will never again stand defenseless.”
– Benny Gantz

About the Author
Slavica Milosevic is an author from Montenegro. She is writer and journalist and has had several books published. Slavica spent months in Israel to immerse herself and learn more about Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She is also an American PEN member.