Never Again

Never Again.

We’ve all heard the phrase.

I’ve been hearing it a lot lately.

It smacks me in the face when I stop and think about the significance of those two small words.

The tragedy which bore them, and the strength which fuels them.

And somehow, at the same time, the phrase ‘Never Again’ has never sat well with me.

I feel as though each time we utter those words of defiance, we somehow say that we didn’t fight back as a people when we needed to…..

……But now we will.

Never. Again.

I feel as though each time we utter those words of defiance, we are momentarily forgetting that Gd is the one in charge. We can fight back all we want, but if something is a decree from above, it’s a decree from above.

I don’t believe that the Holocaust happened because we didn’t ‘fight back’. I believe that the Holocaust happened because for reasons way beyond my spiritual pay grade, that is what Gd decreed.

And, Gd has since decreed for us to return to our homeland and to build an army. As humans we must do all we can to protect ourselves and each other, and we now have an indelible physical shield.

But the way I see it, is that the Jews of the Holocaust were that much stronger.

They had nothing.

No country.

No army.

No navy.

No air force.

And despite it all, they resisted.

They fashioned weapons from meager belongings and fought a formidable enemy.

We may have tragically lost the battle, but we clearly won the war.

We will always win. I have zero concern, not even a fleeting thought. After all, it’s what Gd promised to us.

And for those who don’t believe, they can open a book.

Or do a google search of our history.

We survive.

However, we are living in a strange time.

The United States, which once promised us refuge, is now normalizing hate.

Antisemitism is rooting itself in the streets, in synagogues, in the mainstream media, and has even reached within the walls of its sacred Congress. It is once again being woven back into our fabric.

Antisemitism breeds tragedy.

I understand why Jews stand up after a terror attack and pronounce ‘the terrorists will not win. We will continue to live and be strong’.

And I wholeheartedly agree.


With every Jew that is murdered, they do win.

With every family that is destroyed, they do succeed.

True, we will always continue as a people, but what about what we are losing?

What about the continuous price we are paying?

I thought we said Never Again.

Does Never Again only mean Never Again to six million?

Never Again to persecution from a single entity?

What about the Never Again for the young woman taking a walk in a forest who was savagely attacked and murdered?

What about the Never Again for the family who was slaughtered in their home on a Friday night?

What about the Never Again for the pregnant woman who lost her child because she was shot in the stomach while waiting for a bus?

What about the Never Again for young students murdered while on a class trip?

What about the Never Again for the Jews murdered while eating in cafes?

What about the Never Again for the Jews murdered while they were praying in synagogue?

How are those holy souls any different?

Where is their Never Again?

About the Author
Adina Bensoussan is an occupational therapist who specializes in mental health and psychosocial work. Born in Cleveland, currently surviving New York City, with a heart that lives in Israel.
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