Batya Lapidus
Batya Lapidus

New Israeli Invention- NanoDrops

As most people know, Israel is constantly coming up with revolutionary inventions. Now, a group of Israeli scientists have found a way of correcting vision without the issues of appearance, cost, and safety risk, from the comfort of one’s own home. This technology is called NanoDrops. 

NanoDrop technology has achieved a vision correction solution, using one-of-a-kind laser imprints and eye drops. The process ultimately modifies the optical power of the eye in the desired direction, without weakening or modifying the cornea or its shape.

By the year 2050, 52% of the world is predicted to be affected by myopia (near-sightedness) and presbyopia (ageing of the eye), potentially because of the time spent on screens. NanoDrops provide corrected, excellent vision without the hassle of contacts, glasses, or LASIK surgery.

The correction process happens in three steps: calculation of refractive pattern, optical pattern creation, and application of NanoDrops. The first two steps are done by a physician or optometrist, and the third is performed by the consumer independently.

First, the needed correction calculation is performed by translating any prescription into an optical pattern. Then, the optical pattern is printed onto the corneal epithelium through a speedy, painless, high precision, and superficial laser-assisted etching. Lastly, bio-compatible eye drops are instilled to locally modify the corneal refractive index by changing the pathway of the light rays. 

The technology was developed by Dr. David Smadja, an ophthalmologist for Shaare Zedek Medical Centre, Professor Zeev Zalevsky of Kofkin Faculty of Engineering, and Professor Jean-Paul Moshe Lellouche, the head of the department of chemistry at Bar-Ilan. Nano-drops were first introduced in 2018 and achieved more recognition when over $1 million was raised to fund this nanotech project in 2019. 

There are many advantages to using NanoDrops. Some benefits include convenience: they eliminate the hassle and annoyance of contacts or glasses. They are also very safe because there is no tissue weakening or removal, or foreign body contact. NanoDrops are also significantly more cost-efficient compared to lasers, and aesthetically pleasing. Like contacts or lasers, this solution addresses eyewear appearance issues. 

So far, field tests performed on animals have been successful, and human trials have recently begun. However, ophthalmologists still aren’t sure how many drops are needed to achieve full correction, or how long the effects will last. Nevertheless, scientists remain hopeful for the release of this technology. 

It’s important to learn about and publicize the incredible inventions of Israel because it helps us and others recognize Israel’s amazing contributions to global advancements and to the world. 

Waze, firewall and WaterGen are only some of the many inventions Israel has created that have changed the world. NanoDrops are a new Israeli technological innovation that may change the optical correction field as we know it.

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Batya is a 15 year old high school student from Vaughan, Ontario , and is currently a Hasbara Fellowships Canada High School intern, learning to effectively advocate for Israel.
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