New Jew View

Much has not changed in world view of the Jew. Israel’s right to defend itself brings out the worst of anti-semitism in all Countries, including the USA. Unbelievably, there are still Jewish people in this Country who, like their ancestors in Nazi Germany, believe they are too important in our world to ever be herded and marched. They believe as “new Jews, ” they will not be subjected to unreasonable hate and bias. As proof of how “unjewish” they are, they do not support Israel. All they really achieve is convincing us that all Jews are not really all that smart.

About the Author
Sanford Paris is the son of a rabbi who was raised Orthodox and converted to Reformed. He graduate from Ohio State and is an avid reader of news and philosopher at a senior age. A critical thinker with a high IQ who is pragmatic in observations and events. A business owner with two adult children, living in the Mid-West.