News That Is Fit To Print?

How many more insults must we endure?  How can we watch or listen to the media, expecting even-handedness, expecting the news to be reported truthfully, unbiasedly?  “All the news that’s fit to print!” – the ancient motto of the New York Times has played out in this 21st Century by the visual and printed media to mean that what is “fit to print”, fit to say — is that Israel is the aggressor, Israel is the trespasser, Israel fights back but their skill in warding off thousands of missiles and mortar shells results in a “disproportionate body count”.

Each day and night, the news reports so many more be-headings by ISIS or an affiliate (today of four Christian children who refused to convert to Islam).  We see the horrific videos and see the incredible photos and our response is numbness, impotent words drowned out by politicians who seek peaceful solutions, negotiations with the barbaric murderers whose agenda (which we do not want to admit) is non-negotiable world-wide conversions to Islam OR death, not necessarily in that order!

We watch with incredulity and chilling fear as our college professors poison our precious students’ minds.  Moral relativism abounds as the media, so-called institutions of higher learning and governments equate stabbing, axing and shooting praying Jews, unarmed students, mothers an children on kibbutzim, with the building of homes in Jerusalem!

Today it was reported that a yeshiva student in Crown Heights was stabbed by a man yelling that he wanted to kill Jews. At least for now, the story is that the assailant was a “disturbed” individual and that the attack was not “hate-motivated”. But, in the midst of such attacks in Israel, many countries in Europe and in the United States, the patterns are emerging and we must not ignore them.

Today we also learned that Past President Jimmy Carter will be the keynote speaker at a fund-raiser for ISNA, an organization recognized by the United States as a terrorist organization. As an arm of Hamas, it is dedicated to the destruction of Israel. Constitutional law expert Alan Dershowitz stressed that Carter’s actions, in raising funds for the ISNA, place him “very close, if not across the line,” of criminal behavior.

We should tire of and respond resoundedly to news reporting that become springboards for hate crimes, chaos and mayhem.  News should not be glorifying or validating the acts of terrorists, or the support of their organizations, even if the proponent is a past president.

We should uncover the hypocrisy of condemning Israel for defending itself or living and building in the land bequeathed to our forefathers and settled in modern times by those seeking peaceful haven from the persecutions, exiles and deaths of thousands, millions.  A slither of land that is a thorn in the side of those who want an end to Israel, to all Jews.

Would America or Europe allow rockets to fall upon their cities and do nothing to defend or strike back?  Does anyone believe that, if rockets fell upon New York, America would turn the other cheek?  Such a scenario is absurd!

Why were responsible news agencies able to release headlines, false and malicious, inflammatory and Anti-Semitic, that read:

“Four killed in a Jerusalem mosque!”

“Six killed in a contested and disputed site!”

Celebrations in the streets and candies given to children cheering at the murders — how much coverage, was any of that fit to print? We forget that after 911, videos showing celebrations in the streets of the West Bank and Gaza were quickly suppressed, buried.  Why?

Let’s face it!  Those who control the airways and the press give us the “news” that their prejudices, their biases see as “fit to print”!

About the Author
Naphtali Perlberger is a senior lecturer for AISH HaTorah and gives weekly shiurim at Chabad of Golden Beach and Aish Chaim of the Main Line. He is one of the founders and a past president of the Philadelphia Community Kollel. He is Founder & President of Philadelphia Chapter of Children of the Holocaust, and past FJA Chairman of Men's Organizations; past President of Kosloff Torah Academy; and, talk show host for a radio show, "G-d is Listening".