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Nicholas Cruz is not to blame

How long are we going to have useless, stupid articles about Nicholas Cruz?

On February 14, 2018, Nicholas Cruz woke up one morning on a mission, a mission to kill.

Nicholas Cruz, who is technically Jewish, according to the rabbinical law because his biological mother is Jewish, went on a mission that, sadly, wasn’t even close to impossible.

He killed at least 17 people, injured dozens more, and he’s getting his punishment, I guess, by sitting in a jail cell and becoming a legend in the media.

But really, I’m sorry to say, why are we blaming him?

Why are we blaming this nutcase?

He’s crazy…and even if he weren’t crazy, who cares?

If it wasn’t for this stupid, ridiculous 2nd Amendment, that was written in 1791, then this wouldn’t have happened.

I say it’s all the government’s fault.

The government is responsible for yet another shooting that’s occurred, for killing more innocent human beings.

I mean, c’mon, wake up!

Do you really need me to give you an example?

If a baby ends up eating small toys from the floor and, God forbid, ends up choking, will you blame the baby or the parents?

You’d blame the parents.

The parents were to blame, what don’t you see about this picture?

The government is the root, and he’s the branch.

You have to go back to the roots.

Wake up, America!

Until Trump starts to care more about the good of the people, and perhaps making guns illegal for anyone (unless they’re in a job that requires them to use guns for protection, or at least until they’re psychologically tested) then nothing will change.

But, for now, Trump cares more about his toilet that’s made of real gold, then about real people.

Anyway, I promise you, this story about Nicholas Cruz is going to vanish in about two weeks.

(You know what, give it four weeks at the most.)

And then another shooting will occur.

Its just a matter of time until a crazy person decides to wake up and kill.

The government needs to wake up and simply refuse to allow just any citizen to obtain guns.

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