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No Hametz in this Blog

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A long time ago, I nearly had a traffic accident. I was driving, as is my right, on the left-hand side of the road. Suddenly, from nowhere, a car came straight at me. Who are these people, I thought, as I swerved out of its path ending up right off the road. In the old country, that’s Once-Great Britain, we all drove on the right. It was the right thing to do. But I had left Britain and had no right to be angry.

I was reminded of this incident by the annual ruckus over hametz in hospitals during the Pesach celebrations. While it may well be patients’ right to slaughter the odd pig or two, and make a bacon sandwich, in the middle of the ward, it would not be too much of a hardship to avoid offending other, observant or just traditional patients, by bringing the bacon home and keeping it there. For just eight days, don’t take hametz into a hospital, or any other public building. How difficult can that be?

As Voltaire might have said – “I disapprove of what you eat, but I will defend to the death your right to eat it”

On a personal note, while matzah is known as the bread of affliction, I thoroughly enjoy it and am looking forward to a slice, well garnished with Kosher-for-Pesach jam.

But enough of this; the reader will be happy that I have left this matter to them before we get in a right mess.

If I have any readers left, I hope they are saying … He’s right!

Chag Sameach

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