No, It’s Not The Occupation

Most people who know me understand that I am a California liberal through and through, and one of those annoying ones. I am on board with most left-wing causes and ideas, but I am very upset by the fact that many of my left wing Jewish and Israeli friends are blaming “the occupation” of the West Bank as the root cause of Palestinian terrorism in Tel Aviv.

I am disappointed at the lack of critical thinking (yes, that’s very harsh). I find many of the assessments to be self flagellating, based in fantasy and devoid of any historical context. I am not envious of the Palestinian situation, but I am simply unwilling to point towards Israel and say “if every Jew left the West Bank, things would be better.”

The true story is complicated, but before we go there, a quick reminder- Israel was created in 1948 and there were all out massacres committed by Arabs against the indigenous Jewish population for hundreds of years prior to that. For examples please look up: The Hebron Massacre, The Black Hand, 1834 looting of Safed, The Tiberius Massacre…I hope you’re getting the idea that violence didn’t start upon the formation of the State of Israel. The local Arab population has been attacking the local Jewish population for so long that we can’t mark the true beginning of the conflict between us.

There is a false narrative preached by the Arab side that there was this sort of multicultural utopia in the Middle East before the creation of Israel, that things were good between us before the Jews went and stole some land to make a state- (whether or not we were already living there didn’t matter)- the second we said “no more dhimmi,” no more second-class citizenship, we became a sworn enemy. We were not “ok” with each other before Israel. Middle Eastern Jews were treated with as much venom as Ashkenazi Jews were. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem during British Mandate was a huge fan and ally of Hitler’s and aligned himself with The Nazis. The first real Palestinian leader in terms of a national movement was a massive, festering anti-Semite.

From 1948–1967, in the aftermath of Israel’s 1948 War of Independence, Jordan took control and “occupied” the West Bank. In the 20 year period before it was captured by Israel in a war, Jordan kicked out EVERY SINGLE Jew. So if a Jew returned to their home, not even two decades later, they are an “occupier” and that’s suddenly the cause of Arab on Jewish violence? No, it’s not.

The Palestinian Authority is paying the “martyrs” a salary when they attack and hurt an Israeli, and it’s paid for with my tax dollars. According to the Wall Street Journal the PA has a 75 MILLION DOLLAR BUDGET to support these actions. Palestinians receive more foreign aide than most, their budget is 3.1 BILLION +, but, because there is a lack of transparency concerning where the money is spent, there is no trail and that is purposeful. Palestinian TV and media are inundated with calls to get Jews, how the Jews are bad, how the Jews want to kill you, and we expect that young people won’t believe it? “Every drop of blood that has been spilled in Jerusalem is holy blood as long as it was for Allah.” – President of the Palestinian Authority.

From the WSJ:

This situation is particularly disturbing given the disproportionate share of development assistance the Palestinians receive, which comes at the expense of needy populations elsewhere. According to a report last year by Global Humanitarian Assistance, in 2013 the Palestinians received $793 million in international aid, second only to Syria. This amounts to $176 for each Palestinian, by far the highest per capita assistance in the world. Syria, where more than 250,000 people have been killed and 6.5 million refugees displaced since 2011, received only $106 per capita. A closer look at the remaining eight countries in the top 10—Sudan, South Sudan, Jordan, Lebanon, Somalia, Ethiopia, Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo—is even more alarming. CIA Factbook data show that these countries have a combined population of 284 million and an average per capita GDP of $4,900. In other words, though the Palestinians are more than twice as wealthy on average than these eight countries, they receive more than 11 times as much foreign aid per person.”

Hamas, the main source of these terrorists, is an Islamist organization that kills and drags dissident voices through the streets by a rope and gouges their eyes out. If not that, there are public firing squad executions. Gruesome? Yes. That’s the point. They’re sickos. It should remind you of other Islamist groups who seek to maim and murder minorities. This is not referring to all Palestinians at all in any capacity-But the people pushed and given incentive by terrorists are the ones who come into Israeli restaurants and mow down diners with a gun, not people who are simply frustrated about a checkpoint. Maybe the anger starts there, but we cannot blame the evolution of a pre-existing issue solely on ourselves.

I take hell for it every single day but I still prefer a two state solution-I believe in self determination and I believe in equality. I am just not going to accept a false narrative that incorrectly explains why and how these attacks become a reality. Incitement, anti-Semitism and anti-normalization are in my eyes, the primary causes of Palestinian terrorism.

The Palestinians do not have a good situation and I genuinely want something better for them, this is not some jerk argument that they have made their bed and Israel does no wrong and can’t do anything improve the situation. That is not what I believe. Israel is imperfect. I disagree with and dislike certain policies, I simply refuse to ignore history, and I will not reduce this conflict into some chess game- as if ONE move changes the whole situation and will lead to a “solution.”

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Klari is a Califorina Girl, a Liberal, and an avid supporter of Israel
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