No more “viral” election ads PLEASE

If I have to watch another supposedly “viral” campaign video by one of our politicians I think I’m gonna barf.

Far from endearing these supposed titans of our society to me they’re making me think of voting ‘none of the above’. Are they really so far removed from the people that they think all they need to do is fashion some mildly amusing or highly offensive political videos for Facebook and then we’ll vote for them?

It’s as if some campaign staffer said “Hmmm the younger generation like Facebook, if we make videos that are short and controversial then they’ll all vote for us”. They seem to be mistaking clicking a share button for an actual vote. I hope it costs them all dearly. I think it’s us who have lost out because I haven’t heard a single politician actually tell me what it is they want to do if/when they are elected. It seems to have been replaced by videos of ISIS fighters being helped by the Israeli Left, or Meretz politicians bizarrely dancing together in what looks like a 1980s music video.

I did see a nice picture of Boujie and Tzipi offering to give me a free apartment. I wasn’t sure if it was a campaign poster for Bibi though. As in look how stupid the leaders of the Zionist Camp think people are.

Is there anyone out there who wants to see more of these ads? Is there anyone who wants to see another video of Meretz candidates awkwardly dancing with each other?

Anyone else want to see Bibi pretending to be the only adult in the room even though the only reason we’re having elections in the first place is because he threw a temper tantrum?

Anyone want to see Bennett…being Bennett?

It would be nice to hear these people talk about what it is they want to do if/when they are tasked by the people of Israel with forming the next government. Instead we’re being treated to a political spectacle which has as little do with political positions as these viral videos do with entertainment.

The only entertaining thing about these ads is how embarrassed the candidates look in them. Admittedly that is quite funny

The only solid thing I’ve heard from the current Prime Minister is his promise to undo the only achievement his last government can lay claim to. In an event where the ultra orthodox press met the Prime Minister he reportedly said;

“The idea that people sit in prison over their faith is unthinkable,”

Well I guess anyone whose faith is science and would rather study it than go to the army now knows the Prime Minister will rush to spring him from jail if he refuses to serve. But of course that would never happen. Instead they’re lumped with military service and exorbitantly high taxes that are used to fund the lives of people who wouldn’t lift a finger to help the country or their fellow citizens.


But even that’s better than the rest of them. I wonder if Tzipi and Boujie might give me one of their apartments even if they lose the election…





About the Author
Marc Goldberg is the author of Beyond the Green Line, a story his service in the IDF fighting through the al Aqsa Intifada
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