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No, President Putin!

Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) speaks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during their meeting in Moscow on March 9, 2017. Israel's prime minister is set to visit Moscow for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin about security issues stemming from Iran's presence in neighbouring Syria. / AFP PHOTO / POOL / Pavel Golovkin
Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) speaks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during their meeting in Moscow on March 9, 2017. AFP PHOTO / POOL / Pavel Golovkin

“Russian President Vladimir Putin told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stop living in the past Thursday, after the Israeli premier tried to tie tensions with Iran to an upcoming Jewish holiday about a thwarted genocide of Jews in ancient Persia.”Rejecting Purim spiel, Putin tells Netanyahu to stop dwelling on past, ToI, March 10, 2017.

Dear Mr. President – let me be very clear in saying that we, the Jews, are not living in the past!

On the contrary, we have been a factor for development since time-immemorial. We’ve produced the World’s most innovative and forward-looking religion and culture, we’ve been involved in the most exciting research and development projects of humanity, extending from medicine to space-exploration and beyond.

The same can’t be said of other cultures and countries.

The aspiration of the Ayyatolah’s regime (as openly and proudly declared with every occasion) is to destroy the State of Israel.

Other country’s aspirations today range from world domination (these countries will remain unnamed!) to solving a range of main challenges for Humanity: from hunger and poverty to deflecting space objects from their crash-course with Earth.

Some of these aspirations are worthy of the supposed advancements in our evolution as of 2017, some others are worthy of the Dark Ages and Tribal warfare.

Russia can’t pick and choose when it’s convenient and normal fighting these terror regimes and organizations and when they can be potentially leveraged for their energy resources and other geopolitical reasons. It sure can – given Russia’s position in world affairs – but it’s not going to be seen favorably by History. The same unforgiving History that gives us lessons and parallels between situations, people and more. The same History that Bibi tried to quote in his meeting with you – as preparation for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

We can learn from history and jointly fight for a better present and future. Or, we can be assured that our end will be covered in dust of our own making or that of the Creator. And simply be forgotten. That’s history.

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Dr. Andrei Schwartz - is a co-founder of the WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps. The WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps (WJC JDCorps) is the flagship program of the World Jewish Congress (WJC), under the vision and leadership of President Ronald S. Lauder. This program empowers the new generations of outstanding Jewish leaders. We are a highly selective worldwide network of over 400 members, from 60 countries, with the objective of supporting our local Jewish communities and impacting global Jewish interests through diplomacy and public policy.
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