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No Shabbat Shalom for you

Shabbat Shalom to everybody, everybody but ….

Islamic terrorists trained in Yemen only to return to their home countries to commit violent acts of terrorism.

President Obama for releasing Yemeni terrorists to countries noted for their support of … terrorism.

To President Obama for not attending a rally in France against radical Islamic terrorists.
To the “most transparent Presidency (their words) ever in the history of our republic for not answering the simple question. Where were you Mr. President during the rally in which most of the world’s leaders attended? Does it have anything to do with FOOTBALL PLAYOFFS?

To the Obama administration who call Radical Islamic terror anything but what it is… RADICAL ISLAMIC TERROR.

To Jimmy Carter who has enhanced his bona fides as the spokesman for anti-Semites worldwide for blaming the assassinations of the cartoon editorialists, and 4 Jews at the kosher deli in Paris on “Israeli treatment of the Palestinians”. He went on to blame Jews for the heart break of psoriasis, cloudy days, and hang nails.

To President Hollande of France for inviting Mahmood Abbas (Head of the PLA and Fatah …. You know a terrorist organization, to the rally against …. Terrorism. This apparently after Holland made it clear to Israel that he didn’t want Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu to attend the rally.

To Erdogan of Turkey for calling Bibi Netanyahu a terrorist who shouldn’t attend the rally in France against terror.

To President Obama for According to today’s New York Times, President Obama urged Democratic lawmakers to resist sanctions against Iran, and said that “he understood the pressures that senators face from donors and others.

What “donors” and “others” are you talking about Mr. President? Oh you mean Jews, and others that are concerned about having a terrorist state Iran having nuclear weapons?

To any Jews who still believe that this administration “has our back” when it comes to Iran or anything else for that matter.

To anybody in the United States that still thinks that this President “has our back”.
To anyone who believes that letting Iran have the capability or ability to assemble nuclear weapons in a matter of months is a good idea.
To the State department for not commenting on the U.S. airstrike that may have killed 50 civilians in Syria with the same vitriol that it accused Israel of doing during the Gaza War last summer.

To Al Sharpton … just for being Al Sharpton, and for his new job as film critic when he complained that there were not any blacks up for the Academy Awards. Two words Al … Tawana Brawley, plus one other word SELMA (which was nominated for best picture).

To George Soros for his alleged role in supporting the organization that bankrolled, the Ferguson protests.

To the Obama administration for inviting the Rev al more than 84 times. No problem inviting him to the White House Mr. President, but next time on his invitation please tell him to bring the apparent 4.5 million in tax dollars that he owes all of us .

A special warm Shabbat Shalom to the Muslim man who protected the Jews at the kosher deli in France. To the President of Egypt Al Sisi who spoke about Islam needing a reformation in front of THE world renowned school for Islam. To the Mayor of Rotterdam who told Islamists that if he didn’t like the freedoms of the west that they should f#@ck off (quote).

To former President Clinton: who said on the politics of Islam: “Paris Killers Exemplify, Worlds Great Double Standard, “If you come to our country, we won’t let you worship the way you want. We won’t let you say what you want. They won’t let you do what you want to do,” Clinton continued. “However we have come to your country, therefore we have a right to do whatever we want to do, including kill you if you make us mad.” Thank you Mr. President, you were the last Democrat I voted for ….

I wish you and everybody else Shabbat Shalom.

To those whom I mentioned and to those who I didn’t (you know who you are)


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Larry Levine is a writer, businessman and activist. Originally from Long Island, moved to Columbus Ohio I have been a stand up comedian, talk show host, and compose music. I am a "reformed conservadox" In other words I find beauty in all facets of Judaism . Passionate about politics, people, Israel and our great country.
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