Noah the Climate Change Skeptic

What does the left believe about climate change?  They believe that due to rising global temperatures,  the glaciers will melt, monsoons will occur,  and ultimately the temperature of the water will rise and will cover all the earth and destroy  life as we know it.  Does this sound vaguely familiar?  If you’re like me, you noticed the similarities to climate change hysteria and parshas Noach (Torah portion of Noah).

I just read that the UN,  not surprisingly, claims that within 12 years, if we do not change our ways, whatever that means,  the world will heat up so much that we will past the point of no return and the world will be unreverseibly destroyed.  We have only 12 years!

This reminds  me when I was growing up in secular High School, and our the teachers taught as an immutable scientific fact that over-population would result in our world being so crowded that it would be impossible to feed people,  there would be no place left to live, and that the human race was destined for destruction within 20 or so years unless we reduced our population drastically.  Taught as absolute scientific fact and certainty…and when it didn’t come to fruition, it was just forgotten and swept under the rug as most of these theories of global destruction ultimately are.

So what are we to make of this climate change global destruction hysteria? This is  another example of the religion of liberalism.  Liberalism cannot and will not accept the the concept of an omnipotent God that controls the universe,  and yet the soul of the liberal striving for justice needs to believe in some higher power.  That higher power is now the supposed moral certainty of liberalism.  In fact, in  many case liberalism parrots the parsha of Noach in many ways…look at all the things the liberals hold of sacrosanct: the ultimate destruction of the world,  vegetarianism etc.  The list goes on and on as they have replaced traditional religions beliefs with secular liberalism.

Hashem specifically promised the world that He would never destroy it again.  This is what a Torah believing Jew holds true.  Global warming may cause some environmental degradation resulting from  man made conditions, but we are confident that Hashem will never completely wipe the human race from the face of the earth.  Hashem made a vow, and that is immutable. THAT is what we need to base our belief about global warming on, not current fashionable theories of science.

About the Author
Midwest USA born and raised. Recently retired as a Vice President at BMO Harris Bank in Milwaukee WI. Lived in Israel as a young man and still travel their regularly. Enjoys biking boating and all manner of outdoor activities. He is an avid student of Jewish religion and history.