Noah’s Bark: Dog Eat Dog

noah's barkIt is flu season and all the symptoms are setting in. But unfortunately there is one symptom plaguing society that is prevalent all year long: nausea! People have become mean-spirited and jealous and get nauseous every time they see someone doing well. They begrudge people joy and success believing it takes something away from them. They want to be the only star in a one man show. This new generation now takes pictures of their ears, their toes, their eyeballs, etc., in this flourishing trend called “selfies,” i.e., wherein a person takes picture of himself and then tweets it, posts it, Instagrams it as if he has just accomplished some great feat that must be bequeathed upon humanity. And don’t tell me to lighten up. It’s levity that brought us here to begin with.

Perhaps the pagans were better than our generation because at least in their worship of a multiplicity of gods, they nonetheless believed that they worshipped something greater than themselves. Today everyone deifies himself and serves his own selfish agenda. It’s a heartless, compassionless, merciless, lazy, envious world. People are afraid to do a favor because it might cost them something or worse, it might actually help the other guy. No, these traits are not new to mankind, but I’ve been around enough decades to say I’ve never seen it so bad. The biblical flood receded, but the degenerative flotsam has washed upon our shores–and we are it.

The flood was brought about to correct mankind’s sins of robbery and violence. But it was not just robbery in the sense of stealing someone’s rhubarb plant. The people were guilty of stealing each other’s dignity, their opportunities, their reputations, their luck, their trust, their innocence, their courage, their self-worth, all things that have no recourse in a court of law but have a heavy and hurtful impact on people’s lives. They begrudged each other the air they breathed and so it follows logically that violence ensued. With self-deification comes the devaluation of everyone else, including others’ feelings, well-being, property, dignity and soon their lives become dispensable as well. The best example, to see how this works, is the Germans. They saw themselves as gods, über menschen, superior beings, a perception which served as the haughty platform from which they were able to dehumanize Jews, first to dogs and then to ashes.

We can see the crumbling of our society in our entertainment, the slew of “housewives from wherever” shows where women curse like truck drivers, engage in slovenly cheap drunken behavior, betray each other on a regular basis, get into fist fights, etc. Oh, did you think that was a list of negatives? By no means! Such behavior just brings in ratings and spawns off more shows just like it. That’s what we’ve become and I find it disgusting. These shows, just like the selfies, are glorifications of individuals who just want to be famous and they don’t care for what or how. In a godless society of self-gods, where everyone is fighting over ONE enviable spotlight, there is bound to be carnage and bad blood. If Noah would build his Ark now, he wouldn’t be able to distinguish between the people and the animals.

“And the Lord regretted that He had made man upon the earth, and He became grieved in His heart.”(Genesis 6:6) 

Is God’s heart grieving once again? It is said that G-d’s altar cries when a man and a woman get divorced; how much more anguished He must be when mankind is divorced from Him and indulges in godless behavior.

So what can we do? It is said that there are 36 living righteous people at all times who sustain the world. They don’t know who they are and we don’t know who they are. But perhaps it is you! Why shouldn’t it be? Why couldn’t it be? And so it is incumbent on each one of us to be to “Be” as Ghandi said, “the change you want to see.” Be the one to do the favor, to offer the kind word, to have a heart, to lend a hand, to recognize what you can give instead of what you can get. Post, tweet and disseminate things of value that lift the world and that edify the watchers. Be the star of your own show called: The World is a Better Place Because I’m in it! Don’t elbow people out of that prime real estate called “the spotlight.” Be the source of the light and always shine.

The next time you see someone Instagram a picture of their hand tell them their hand is beautiful and then ask them when is the last time those lovely fingers gave charity and offered a well-manicured helping hand. Change the world, don’t let it change you! When it comes to terrorism the government always tells us: “If you see something, say something.” Well I don’t know about you, but I’m terrorized and nauseated by humanity’s behavior these days and I’m not about to go silently into this ever-darkening night.

About the Author
Aliza Davidovit is a journalist and author with a master’s in Journalism from Columbia University; She interviews prominent individuals who have an impact on Jewish life and the State of Israel; She is a contributing editor to numerous venues, appeared regularly on Fox News Live and worked at ABC News and Fox News; She writes a weekly biblical commentary: "The Source Weekly"