Fred Saberi

Nobel a breeding ground for the left and Islamists

The efforts of the Islamic Republic of Iran, by spending a lot of money, to normalize the disastrous situation in Iran is nothing new. Additionally, the networking of Khamenei’s think tank and its partners in order to “vulgarize” human rights through its emissaries in the awe of the showcase of earning money and supporting the fake news media, has actually become a file on the nerves of this corrupt and terrorism-promoting system.

In order to create a defensive embankment, the Islamic Republic of Iran has learned how and where to aim in order to cut off the hands of its opponents from reaching whatever pressure can be used against it. With a close look at the behaviour of the occupying dictators, even without the need for any deep research, the same acts come to mind that the coalition of the left and the Islamists pushed Iran backward in the year 1979 to satisfy itself. One of those issues was the issue of human rights, which, by spreading lies and exaggeration – just like what they say about Gaza today – has been used as an excuse, and now, after more than forty years, one after another, the destroyers of Iran have been rewarded with all kinds of awards. Horrified, they find that one of those uncharacteristic prizes is the Nobel Peace Prize.

The funniest part of the Nobel Peace Prize is that it is awarded to the defenders of the Islamic revolution (rebellion) with various lobbies. On the other hand, there is a mountain of contradictions. Giving the Nobel Peace Prize for human rights is to those who believe: this is not a political category, but all their efforts are political leadership and aberration of the real will of the Iranian people.

A short look at the Nobel Peace Prize made by Norway, which seems to have other hidden goals hidden at its core, shows that at least in the last two decades, the thinking of its winners, from Shirin Ebadi of Iran to Obama of the USA, in addition to that, no positive performance can be seen, but except their actions caused destruction and disaster. On the other hand, in the past years, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee has been severely criticized by many people, journalists, and analysts in Scandinavia and the international community, and it has turned into a leftist-Islamist political club that divides human rights into insiders and outsiders.

Over the past years, the club of the Nobel Committee has been under the influence of the bankrupt globalist left, and contrary to its name, where the name of human rights is properly mentioned, Wherever there has been war, destruction, oppression of innocent people, anti-Israeli and Jewish actions by the left, the defenders of Islamic groups and their intellectual affiliates are prioritized to win the Nobel Peace Prize!

In the Nobel statute, it is clearly written that “innovative” people in the world are entitled to receive this award and it is awarded to them. The answer to a simple and understandable question for people in front of the reason or reasons for receiving the Nobel should be, for example, what innovation or human achievement for human rights in the world did Jimmy Carter and Yasser Arafat create that they received it? Or was it the Arab Spring was part of Hussein Obama’s doctrine, which has made the Middle East more unstable and the centre of Islamic terrorism with fourteen million displaced people in the world?

The killing of hundreds of thousands of people in the Middle East by the creation and growth of all kinds of anti-Semitic Islamic terrorist groups is the result of the bullishness of the thinking that touched Nobel and, under its shadow, has turned European countries into spy nests for the terrorism of Khomeinism and its sympathizers.

Another example of the collusion of the left-Islamist Nobel Club of Norway is the gift to Shirin Ebadi in 2003 at the same time as the bribery of the country’s largest state-owned oil company (Statoil) to the Rafsanjani family. During the time of Khatami, who was known as the government of reforms, Shirin Ebadi and national-religious people were engaged in promoting Islamic human rights, and Europe, with the efforts of these people, sought to make impossible reforms in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Nobel Peace Prize or the awarding of the human rights prize to Shirin Ebadi was, in fact, a clear collusion on the interests of the Norwegian oil company Statoil.

Another Norwegian Nobel laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi, was the leader of the opposition in Myanmar. After her release from prison, she joined the military government of Myanmar and with the help of her government, started genocide of the Muslims of that country and burned their houses. After this big scandal, Norwegian Nobel Committee had to announce in the news media when it faced great criticism: it has withdrawn the Nobel Peace Prize from Aung San Suu Kyi.

Today, after 20 years, the Nobel Peace Prize for war and anti-human rights will be awarded to an Iranian woman who, according to the Nobel and the Ministry of Information of the Islamic Republic of Iran, has been sentenced to 5 years in prison. Taqi Rahmani, the husband of Narges Mohammadi, who lives in Paris, whose activities are nothing but promoting anti-Semitism, propagating the ideas of the Islamic Republic of Iran and destroying the opponents of his regime in Persian-language media abroad and social networks, will go with his children to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in place of his wife.

This is the first time that people from the same country have been awarded twice within a short period of 20 years, and it must be said: according to the Nobel Statute, what were the special achievements of these people in the world that they have be given the award? The fact is that many have spent many years in the prisons of Mullahs in Iran, without the slightest visit and leave, and even contracted all kinds of diseases or have been executed without having the facilities that the likes of Narges Mohammadi have at their disposal.

This is important to consider that, the Islamic Republic of Iran is right, there has been propaganda against the Mullahs, and Narges Mohammadi have access to facilities, such as freedom of action in making contact with Angelina Jolie, so why are Fatemeh Sepehri and others in a difficult situation? Perhaps it is one of the blessings of the Islamic Republic of Iran to sit in the United Nations Social Assembly, but it is not accepted in the eyes of a government that considers being a human rights activist a social crime!!

It is clearly visible; Shirin Ebadi was stuck in the Guantanamo Bay after receiving the Nobel publicity prize, and not because of the human rights crisis in Iran. Maybe Narges Mohammadi is thinking of Hamas terrorists being hungry in the deadly tunnels of Gaza with the description that her husband, living in France, insists on. In any case, there is no wonder if the future Nobel Peace Prize is presented to the soul of Khomeini, as the spiritual leader of Taqi Rahmani (husband of Narges Mohammadi)!

What is clear is that the real human rights award is a gift higher than Nobel, from the people of Iran, who wholeheartedly support the suffering patriots inside the black holes of the Islamic revolution and even outside the prisons of religious leaders, who are struggling with all kinds of economic problems and social anomalies. The era of empty heroism, like the prizes, parents buy for their lazy kids in school, is over, and artificial respiration will not lead anywhere to the rotten body that the people repeatedly are trying to bury!

About the Author
Fred Saberi is a Swedish political analyst of Iranian origin interested in Middle East affairs.