Josh Lynn
Josh Lynn

Normal? HA

The eerie chant of the rocket sirens whines up and down as people scramble for cover. Families jumping out of pools, buses unloading in the middle of the street, work being stopped no matter how important it might be…these are just a few of the 1,000,000 possible scenarios happening as civilians run for their lives. After a few minutes, things begin to return to “normal”. People begin to get into the flow. A casual laugh…someone ordering a shawarmah…a school class ramping back up…and then the sirens sound once more. This will happen again and again in Southern Israel as Hamas continues to terrorize these local communities.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time, and certainly won’t be the last time, that this record is played. But specifically, how has this affected the communities just outside the Gaza strip? As of late last month, we’re talking about close to 8,000 acres of land torched by terrorists. Total families economies devastated. Everyday life is impossible to live because of the constant interruption of the warning sirens. People are living on edge at all times wondering if they’re going to live to see another day. There is fear of terrorists making it through the border fence on a mission to kill Israelis just a few hundred meters on the other side. Imagine this type of life? Wait…it’s so bizarre and unique to this region that this is impossible.

This conflict is doing untold psychological damage on these people. We’ve got a population that is constantly living in fear. But also interestingly enough, there is a portion of the population that has actually become numb to this chaos. Where they just ignore the sirens and go on with their routine just slightly hoping they’re not at the address of that particular missile when it comes home. And where do we even start with the children…

Thinking about the future of this conflict brings up lots of questions. Will there be a peace? Will it last? When is the next flare up going to happen? Will REAL normal life ever be lived again?

Nobody really knows the answers to these complicated questions. All we can do right now is hope, pray, defend, and give support for the people of these communities. They are getting the brunt of a conflict we all as Jews are connected to.

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Josh Lynn is from Dallas, TX and is currently living in Ramat Gan, IL. He has a passion for researching and writing about various topics related to the country of Israel, Jewish history, and Jewish culture in general. Furthmore, he is an aspiring entrepreneur and will continue to write about the Israeli economy and startup scene.
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