Gershon Hepner

Not Providing Care for a Critical Theory

In order to survive, which I hope

it will not,
of care that’s critical, critical race theory

needs a lot
of care, which I am not prepared

to give, since I’m illiberal,

treating any C. R. theoretician as a most

ill liberal.

Violation of the Hippocratic oath

is critically
important, anti-hyping most

the theory, with dire dissent and

protecting in the process all good members

of Caucasia,
as well as those who’re Asian, black, or, like me,

whether living in a state that that’s red or

taming theoreticians of a theory that is hardly

who think they’re very shrewd, but are in fact extremely


Bret Stephens writes in the 11/3/21 NYT (“Why Democrats Are in Trouble”):

C.R.T. is neither obscure nor anodyne. It is, according to many of its leading theoreticians, a “politically committed movement” that often explicitly rejects notions of merit, objectivity, colorblindness and neutrality of law among other classically liberal concepts….

An America in which group identity takes precedence over individual merit, racial categories become moral categories, success based on achievement is denigrated as “privilege” based on ancestry, blind justice is attacked as systemically biased, and independent thinking risks being treated as heresy, will eventually cease to be a free, fair and just country.

About the Author
Gershon Hepner is a poet who has written over 25,000 poems on subjects ranging from music to literature, politics to Torah. He grew up in England and moved to Los Angeles in 1976. Using his varied interests and experiences, he has authored dozens of papers in medical and academic journals, and authored "Legal Friction: Law, Narrative, and Identity Politics in Biblical Israel." He can be reached at
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