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November nightmare is coming

It’s a well-known, we could venture to say, fact that the November 2024 – February 2025 window is going to be a critical time for Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan, indeed, the world. It doesn’t mean that nukes are going to fly, but we’re going to see a trend of where the world is headed which could end up with nukes flying. No, it’s not fearmongering or appeasing, just logic. Depending on who wins the US elections, the moves on the global geopolitical chessboard are going to be dramatically different.

If Biden isn’t replaced, runs and – somehow, no matter how improbable – wins, that’s bad news for the world. Our enemies already kow Biden is weak and his assurances that he can get the job done fall on deaf ears. He reminds me of an old man reminiscing about his glorious past, you probably have an uncle like that, am I right? A cantankerous old man who knows it all. Yep. Except, unlike your uncle, Joe Biden has the power to literally end the world. As such, Joe Biden’s narcissistic ego-trips aren’t just a matter of concern for, say, ten people. No, they affect us all, and Joe Biden casually dismissing cognitive tests is basically gambling with our lives. This is no hyperbole. When you have that much power, that’s what it means. He accuses Trump of selfishness. It’s time to look in the mirror, Mister President.

Conspiracies aside of who really runs the world, a thought experiment is going to show you how much the office of the US President has been devalued over the years. Imagine you can take a picture with Ronald Reagan. Or imagine yourself back then when he was the President. It was really something, wasn’t it? You’d be cherishing that photo, treasuring it. Okay, maybe you hate him, don’t care about him or, if you’re really young, don’t know who he is but my point still stands. Now imagine the same with Joe Biden. No one would really care that much about it and some poeple would laugh at you for taking a photo with a senile man with delusions of grandeur who, wouldn’t surprise me, runs around the White House just for the heck of it with his bewildered staff right behind him.

It was a true honor to talk to POTUS even for a minute. There was almost a metaphysical aura surrounding the US President. It’s as though anything was possible when you were in his presence. He was like the President of the world, in a way. The most known figure on the planet. People proudly posed for pictures with him, feeling they are in the presence of the man who can bend the world to his will. Now, only the most devout of supporters would be in awe of anyone standing next to Joe Biden. Hatred but mostly pity, are likely the dominant emotions now. It seems to me even Donald Trump pitied Joe Biden during the debate and didn’t try to unleash a barrage of words directed at the current president.

Now, people obviously hate Trump but not many would claim he isn’t aware of what’s going on around him. Insults aside, Trump doesn’t make monumental mistakes when speaking. Sure, he can switch to the off-topic mode but he is, more or less, a normal conversationalist. The US President must have a razor-sharp mind. That’s why the argument that Joe Biden is still a better choice because Trump is just a bad man – is catastrophically misguided. A screening ought to stop anyone with serious cognitive issues from becoming POTUS. Joe Biden is going to decline fast, mark my words, and he’s going to be our undoing if he becomes POTUS again. This is the most serious job in the world, not a girls’ choir.

What’s going to happen in the November-February window? Here’s my take.

If Biden wins – Vladimir Putin and company get emboldened (they already are), attacks on Israel increase big time, same in Ukraine, possibly some moves targeting Taiwan. The likelihood of Russia using nuclear weapons, officially or by proxy, increases.

If Trump wins, two possibilities. Reconciliatory Trump – Trump negotiates with Putin and forces Ukraine to give up land. Ukrainians tell Trump to shove it and chaos begins. The likelihood of Russia, officially or by proxy, using nuclear weapons increases. Appeasing Russia, while seemingly logical, has never worked in history. The proponents of NATO expansion as the reason behind Russian aggression clearly don’t understand Russian history and Russian mindset. NATO expansion is just an excuse. Russia didn’t want NATO in Poland, for example, because Poland without NATO would be a much easier target to control. Russians aren’t happy with leaving Eastern and Central Europe and NATO interferes with their plans. No NATO = Russia can pretty much do what it wants in my part of the world. If anyone thinks Russia would just sit on her hands and not invade Poland if my country wasn’t in NATO, then you’ve been mentally castrated.

Fire and fury Trump – Donald Trump tells Putin there’ll be fire and fury if he dares to continue his Ukraine genocide, let alone trying some incursion into NATO nations. The likelihood of nuclear weapons use decreases.

Experts and analysts claim to know Putin’s mind and he won’t use nuclear weapons. They can’t know that. Yuri Felshtinsky’s logic appeals to me. He says Putin is a rather simple man who obviously knows the US used nuclear weapons in Japan and won, so why shouldn’t Russia do the same in some place in Central or Eastern Europe? That would prove Russia’s greatness. I’m obviously not in Putin’s mind, nor would I ever want to be, but Felshtinsky’s logic makes more sense to me than all these experts who seem to sing from the same song sheet.

Joe Biden has become radioactive. He isn’t taken seriously and that’s a disaster for all of us in the Western world. Logic dictates he must be replaced by someone sharp. But logic in this world isn’t a popular virtue anymore. Donald Trump, in spite of all his flaws, is a wild card. There weren’t that many wars when he was POTUS. It’s a fact. Some might even said the world wasn’t on fire when he was POTUS. And, Trump derangement syndrome aside, if he becomes POTUS and doesn’t behave like Putin’s puppet (Yuri Felshtinsky claims that Trump is a Russian asset, let’s reserve judgment and see what happens), it might not be as bad as many of us think it’s going to be.

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Adam Borowski is a technical Polish-English translator with a background in international relations and a keen interest in understanding how regime propaganda brainwashes people so effectively. He's working on a novel the plot of which is set across multiple realities. In the novel, he explores the themes of God, identity, regimes, parallel universes, genocide and brainwashing. His Kyiv Post articles covering a wide range of issues can be found at
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