President Obama! Now is the time to weed out hate and let our people grow


Weeding Out Hate at the Lincoln Magnet School in Springfield, IL
(Photo Courtesy of Office of Illinois Governor Pat Quinn)

The challenges confronting in Israel are not that too dissimilar from the political ones in the United States. They are rooted in the dispute between fundamentalist interpretations of the Holy Books which call for expedient fundaments driven ‘trickle down’ versus bottom-up spiritually inspired grassroots root feeding philosophies. This does not only apply to religious interpretations, but also for political and economic.   At the surface, there is all kinds of competition for sustenance, while deepest roots tap into the infinite Source.   The disadvantage of spiritual drip irrigation is that the roots of all the plants and trees tend to grow to the surface.  Geo-political and expedient land for prisoner deals or land swaps do nothing to help the people of Israel get in better touch with their respective spiritual roots. The souls are left at the mercy of winds like tumbleweeds in the desert. After researching and analyzing the political, cultural, and ecological roots of gardening, contrasting against my own deepest Jewish spiritual roots of Kabbalah, I developed striking new concepts worthy of consideration. What is needed is a thorough deep spiritual root feeding, for unclogging and disentangling the respective spiritual root. The roots will tap themselves in the direction of the sustenance.  In my book Sät die Blumen des Friedens, I discuss the concept as follows:

That Ross Root Feeder invention of my grandfather, that has brought so many individuals closer to nature, would now serve a much higher purpose. Penetrating through the root matrix of the surface root matrix this tool trains a tree to tap its roots at the deepest levels. It irrigates and aerates the soil and facilitates the regeneration of fauna and flora. Through this process, one develops a very special connection with nature and begins to build upon one’s own inner tree. This is when humankind would begin to understand and accept a spiritual justification for weeds:  We should all develop an urge to extract them, as a symbol for acknowledging and removing our own inner weed seeds of hate embedded within our consciousness.  For every physical branch, there exists a spiritual root. Whoever, metaphorically speaking, inserts the root feeder, past the weed seeds of egoism, deep into the substrate of human desire, taps into the heavenly source. Just imagine billions of children extracting billions of weeds. Think of the holes and then think of the opportunities to plant billions of sunflowers, ones that would not only help cleanse the ecology of the planet, but help to cleanse our inner garden as well. Then, we would all experience something really new—a fabric of society that would exist to capture and redistribute all of nature’s bounty throughout the matrix of community gardens in our schools in our neighborhood sub-divisions and in our parks throughout the world. The freedom to pursue this kind of connection with nature would be woven within humanity’s most fundamental bill of rights: the freedom to experience nature’s ultimate love, grace, and altruism.”

Back to trickle down vs. bottom up theories.  Trickle down strategies are expedient for governments and institutions, but not for the masses.  Spiritual rooting feeding unclogs reconnects the roots, for allowing the deepest spiritual springs to surge sustenance throughout the inner tree souls and beyond.  The very act of giving would complete spiritual circuit surging life, liberty and happiness throughout society. In the same way that New York City’s Central Park provides its citizens a horticultural oasis, a network of strategically placed “Kabbalah Parks” could provide a spiritual oasis, which would allow visitors to root feed their souls. Whereas traditional parks provide a respite oasis, Kabbalah Parks are transformational in nature. They inspire visitors to acquire the spiritual gardening intention for their home gardens, classroom gardens, kindergartens, and community gardens. The spiritual intention would be reinforced every time one gardens.

In addition to labyrinths, mazes, floral fragrance found in other parks, “Kabbalah Parks” would distinguish themselves with Baal HaSulam’s Melodies of the Upper Worlds, against a backdrop of song birds. These Melodies would permeate the Wisdom of the Hidden throughout the park as described in another chapter of my book:

Legend has it that 2,000 years before the Creator created man He created the great spiritual universe and mapped it out into 22 geo-spiritual quadrants. Each quadrant was root-fed with a unique combination of heavenly wisdom and heavenly heart. In my book I discuss how these depictions were sensed by the biblical patriarchs and later chronicled as the 22 Hebrew letters which were later combined into words, verses and books within the Bible. The horizontal aspects of the letters relate to the degree of heavenly godliness one feels in the heart and the vertical components signify the heavenly wisdom to attain a specific level towards attainment. Biblical words like grasses, rose, flower bud, water, land, roots tree, etc. contain embedded spiritual instructions to cleanse the heart and garden the spirit. This helps explain why people can feel spirituality while gardening. They are harmonizing with the original root feeding of the spiritual letters. When I was a child, my father taught me how to root feed the deepest roots. I always felt a warm sensation while deep root feeding trees and shrubs with plant food. Now I understand why”.

As a result of the settlement for prisoners deal, tensions are high inIsrael and people are occupying the streets. I believe the time has come for tapping respective spiritual roots and beginning to occupy that same dream that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. lived for and died for. My conclusions from my analysis are revolutionary and provide.  But what else would one expect after illuminating the Christian roots of Dr. King’s rhetoric in the deepest spiritual roots of Tu Bishvat.To the people of Israel: Might I suggest that you channel your rage by emailing the President at Complaining does nothing. This is the kind of grassroots initiative in which every single email can and will make difference. Try to imagine the best scientists, landscape architects, and government officials, diplomats from all over the world, coming together, kneeling down on the ground, rolling up their sleeves and weeding out hate. Try to imagine two billion kids rooting out a piece of that Sinai Mountain of Hatred. Try to imagine the kind of global spiritual catharsis, humanity has not witnesses since Noah. This is the one place one earth where miracles have happened before and will happen again in world to come. “

About the Author
As the eldest grandson of Ross Daniels, the inventor of a horticultural irrigation tool for deep watering and feeding at the deepest roots, Marc spent the first half of his career learning about global gardening and gardener's trends. Ten years ago, he began thinking about how to take his grandfather's vision to the next level, for inspiring humanity to weed out hate and sow the seeds of peace through spiritual gardening.