Now it is Jerusalem history and Israeli Hasbara is Nowhere

It is a professional hazard for a writer-do not repeat the same subject too often, as your readers [hope I have some…judging by shares,at least…] may get bored . Not this time, and I have to confess, I am mad as hell!. The UNESCO cultural World Heritage Committee is set to vote, as reported in TOI today, on a resolution negating Jewish historic ties to Jerusalem , in particular the Temple Mount compound. Also calling for a ”return to the historic status quo ”in the site. Thanks to TOI for reminding us, but I already wrote here and in other places about this subject.

Let me state as clearly as I can, and without undue excitement , though it may seem to be the case; This resolution amounts to a cultural/religious Final Solution! .Yes, it is that bad!. First they tried to kill us all, it almost succeeded, and now they want to kill our collective soul , our raison d’etre, our fundamental claim to our homeland, religion and culture. And all this is a prelude to other resolutions, ones which will be designed to justify the final call for removal of the Jews from their homeland. There are those in the world who are saying it, and many more will. If the Jews have no ties to Jerusalem , what are they doing in the country , whose national anthem refers to as the ”land of Zion and Jerusalem”?.

Do I get carried away?. Do I exaggerate?. No, I do not think so. This is a resolution fitting into a grander design, that which will tear apart any Israeli , Zionist claim for legitimacy . Words have a corrosive effect, words kill. This is a VERY dangerous resolution. This is a declaration of war on our religion and peoplehood.

Never before did any organ of the UN decide about what is or isn’t a holy place for any religion.Never before was a resolution like that even presented for consideration by any organ of the UN , let alone voted on. Never before , but it happens now. Easy to disregard the UN, and all its affiliate agencies. Easy to say UMM SHEMUM , like Ben Gurion said, but in that case, why should we get excited about BDS , or why we got excited about an earlier resolution attacking our very national rights, the shameful resolution equating Zionism with racism?. This resolution was rescinded only 16 years later, but it has had an on-going effect to this very day. It lay the ideological groundwork, alongside others, to the concerted attack on our right to exist. This attack continues relentlessly , and this resolution will give it so much ammunition.

So, with that happening, where are we?. We means, the state of Israel, the Jewish organizations in USA and everywhere, the Rabbinical assemblies of all the Jewish movements, our Christian friends, and people of good will and conscience all over the world?. Well, I , for one, hear a deafening silence. Nothing, nada , mafish, klum. It is simply defies logic. So, here in this piece just dealing with the Israeli angle of that.

Where is the Israeli Right Wing? Where is Naftali Bennett? Where is Avigdor Lieberman? . Where is PM Netanyahu?. I have no illusions about the Left, Meretz, B’etzelem, and others of this ideological camp. They have long proved, that for them, Human Rights is a selective matter , it has to do with Palestinians, Arabs , Muslims. But Jews?. And so many, though not all of the large camp of American Jewish Liberals. Where are they?.

Still, I am mad as hell about the so-called National Camp in Israel. All the names I mentioned and their parties. They all seem to have agendas about settlers , Israeli Arab parliamentarians , Lefty NGOS of one kind or another,all are important issues but NONE as important as the issue on hand, the issue which dwarfs almost everything else. Sure, in few days time, when the resolution will be accepted, there will be an outcry, some bombastic statements, a lot of rhetoric, in fact, hot air, but no action. This is how we lose the battle over the narrative, and the narrative is the basis for the actions against us.

About the Author
Dr Josef Olmert, a Middle East expert, is currently an adjunct professor at the University of South Carolina