NY Times Attacks Netanyahu And Jewish Ancient Texts

Today’s New York Times headline has a front-page feature story headlined: “Netanyahu Takes A Lonely Stance Denouncing Iran.” Criticizing Netanyahu in words that no other President of a liberal democracy would face, the gray lady says he is “Increasingly alone abroad and at home”, “shrill”, and “Mr. Netanyahu appears out of step with a growing Western consensus toward reaching a diplomatic deal that would require compromise.” Clearly, the NYT would have Netanyahu travel to Iran and offer Tel Aviv as a fig leaf. (Although they’d criticize him for not including Herzliya.)

While the NYT hasn’t seen fit to publish that their favorite “moderate” Iranian President Rohani married his 14-year old cousin who isn’t seen in public – yet  mentioned Sara Netanyahu and her “..purported temper to her child-rearing methods — have withstood mini-scandals regarding their spending on vanilla and pistachio ice cream (about $2,800 a year) . . .” Clearly, all the news that’s fit to print… at least if it’s against Israel.

Perhaps the paper is right for writing that “Iran has been Mr. Netanyahu’s priority — many say obsession.” Maybe the Prime Minister should make his obsession improving quality of life for Israeli Arabs (already better than Arabs live anywhere else in Middle East), improving quality of life for Arab terrorists in Israeli prisons, and traffic in the German Colony of Jerusalem. (Although NYT would let us know that traffic affects the occupied territories in some manner.)

Then again it’s only Jews that Iran is threatening to destroy, so what is the surprise that the Jewish State is standing alone, right?  As the Prime Minister is criticized for in the piece, “People have a historical memory that goes back to breakfast.” (Hey, it was only 6 Million?)

Netanyahu had it right when he said “The two main enemies facing Israel are The New York Times and Israeli newspaper Haaretz.” As he said, “They set the agenda for an anti-Israel campaign all over the world. Journalists read these publications every morning and base their news stories … on what they read in the New York Times and Haaretz.”

Lest one forget, the Prime Minister’s office in December 2011 leaked a letter they sent the NYT which said: “On matters relating to Israel, the op-ed page of the “paper of record” has failed to heed the late Senator Moynihan’s admonition that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but that no one is entitled to their own facts.” “The opinions of some of your regular columnists regarding Israel are well known.   They consistently distort the positions of our government and ignore the steps it has taken to advance peace.   They cavalierly defame our country by suggesting that marginal phenomena condemned by Prime Minister Netanyahu and virtually every Israeli official somehow reflects government policy or Israeli society as a whole.  Worse, one columnist even stooped to suggesting that the strong expressions of support for Prime Minister Netanyahu during his speech this year to Congress was “bought and paid for by the Israel lobby” rather than a reflection of the broad support for Israel among the American people.”

It has been a full ten days since the paper slammed Netanyahu for his speech at the UN which they called “combative” and “sarcastic”,  and attacked him for “sabotaging diplomacy,”, so they are overdue time to attack Netanyhau again. Expecting fair coverage about Israel in The New York Times is impossible.

P.S.: They were right on at least one thing. The Bible is “ancient texts.”  The piece refers to and criticizes Netanyahu for referencing ancient texts.

Ronn Torossian serves as 5WPR CEO in New York.

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