NYC Christians Stand With Israel


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Israeli Ambassador Ido Aharoni (NY Counsel General) with NYC Christian Leaders Supporting Israel at a press conference at Faith Exchange, Manhattan. July 25, 2014 Picture used with permission.

I was privileged to a attend press conference at Faith Exchange, Manhattan, on July 25, 2014 where Ambassador Ido Aharoni addressed a group of NYC Christian leaders. The event was hosted by Faith Exchange and organized by Robert Stearns of Eagle’s Wings. Eagle’s Wings is an organization which seeks to foster support for Jews and Israel among Christians. Robert not only sees the connections between Christianity and Judaism, namely, Judaism as Christianity’s elder brother, but also believes that the Christian community shares the values of Israel and her people, as well as her enemies.

After Ambassador Aharoni spoke, NYC Christians leaders, including one Christian who has done work in Gaza, voiced why they stand for and with Israel and her people. While some Christians muddy the waters by parroting Hamas’ narrative, these leaders stood up for truth.  Robert Stearns stated in his opening remarks that he will “be found on the right side of history.”  By publicly standing with Israel, these leaders also stood in opposition to the latent “soft” antisemitism, which has often been simmering in the broader “orthodox” and Reform Christian psyche, thus showing the world and Israel the true face of Christianity: unbridled by lazy logic, supersessionism, and ideology driven hermeneutics.

Leaders such as Chaplain Marcos Miranda, Commander of the NY State Chaplain Task Force and Paul de Vries, President of the New York Divinity School, were just two of the leaders that came to publicly voice their support for Israel.

You can watch the full press conference HERE.









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