Obama in Wonderland: a Mad Hatter’s Party

The never-ending stream of riddles, puzzles and confusion from the White House continues. The other night a spokesperson for the State Department said that it is not possible to bomb ISIS/ The Caliphate out of existence (although we are keeping the pickup truck dealers in business by sending brave pilots and multi-million dollar aircraft to selectively bomb armed Toyotas). Instead we must do psycho-therapy on them and help them get in touch with their inner- Muslim. At the heart of it all is the reality that they do not have jobs ! They cannot put on a suit and tie, pack the briefcase, drive the SUV to work at the office, have lunch and then head to the health club for a power workout before heading home for dinner and an evening of ESPN on the 80 inch plasma tv. Whoever would have thought ? This is much preferable to converting all infidels to submission, beheading those who don’t and conquering the world. Isn’t it? Welcome to la-la land 2015..

Hopefully the rising alliance of Israel’s neighbors who are taking decisive action (with bombs not Happy Meals) and following the lead of the Frankish warriors in 732 in stopping the brutal fire and sword Jihad of Islam into Europe will prevail. It is not only disturbing but frightening to hear the gibberish coming from Washington while the fuse on Iran’s nuclear warhead, the advance and online recruitment of Jihadists continues and the DC Administration declares Climate Change as the real enemy. The disconnect here is dangerous. Time is running out and no one seems to believe it. The display on TV is bizarre and unbelievable to anyone beyond the 5th grade.

Discontent is also rapidly catching up with the Mad Hatter and the rest of the fantasy characters as numbers of Americans begin to abandon the mainstream media for informed and authoritative alternate media. The news-blog has come of age just in time. Instead of obediently printing the latest statement from Foggy Bottom, USA online journalists ask questions, research, fact-check and do other things that keep the Edward R. Murrow spirit of the Free Press alive and breathing. Today’s TV news-readers are nothing more than actresses and actors like Brian Williams: arrogant, self-promoting and fraudulent. Truth is out there, we must work to find it and tell other seekers.

Is it too late for a “reality-check” in Washington ? Do they have any idea of reality? Thank heavens for Israel, news-blogs like Times of Israel, and seekers of reality no matter how harsh that reality proves to be. The clock is ticking, we can’t turn it back. Investigate, write and tell others that action is needed to stop the world conquest by a 7th century ideology that accepts no compromises, executes infidels (that’s you and me) and does not surrender or quit. Make no mistake about it, The Caliphate is dedicated, motivated and will not stop until they have conquered a world they feel belongs to them. This is dead serious, life or death and no time for a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in Wonderland, Mr. Obama. Please consider the historic past of the Nation of which you are President. The future is coming fast and unless you and your administration deal with it with all deliberate and proper speed the initiative is passing to a brutal enemy. PM Netanyahu, King Abdullah and General al-Sisi have shown determination and courage to confront a vicious enemy. Until you publicly acknowledge the war declared against us by that merciless enemy we are in situation of clear and present danger. We are growing impatient and the world is waiting and wondering.

About the Author
Tom Brennan is a former museum curator, library adminstrator, small business owner, sheriff's deputy, Arabian Breeding Farm Manager, cowboy, farmer and author. He writes for