Obama is an Iranian hostage

All the reasons one hears about why Mr. Obama interfered in Libya but not in Syria lack consistency, with the exception of one. Mr. Obama is afraid that if he initiates some kind of humanitarian aid or creates a Non-Fly Zone corridor to save the Syrians Assad is massacring with total impunity, Iran would terrorize US interests to include US bases in the Gulf the Iranians have already threatened the US with publicly.

Unwittingly, Mr. Obama has become an Iranian hostage.

During the Carter Administration, Iran held fifty-two American hostages for 444 days; however, during the Obama Administration, Iran has taken Obama as a hostage the moment Obama refused to aid the Syrian rebels defeat the Assad regime. As of today, it has been 1055 days, which is over twice the period the Iranians held the American hostages in Tehran and counting. My sense, Obama will be an Iranian prisoner until January 20, 2017.

Never in the modern history of the United States such a weak country has been able to create such big problems for the US. Why? Because the US has lacked the resolve and the will to dismantle this regime with the non-lethal tools at its disposal (No US boots). US diplomats, whose job it is to negotiate endlessly, have always successfully argued that only through negotiations can they tame and contain Iran. That Iran now is able to hold the White House hostage when it comes to preserving US interests in the Middle East seems to matter little.

By not providing a humanitarian corridor to save Syrian women and children, jihadists are streaming into Syria to fill that vacuum. The longer Obama permits Iran to hold him hostage, the larger the threat to US interests to include attacks on US soil as we discovered from the latest testimonies of Admiral Clapper. During his appearance in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Clapper said that AQ is operating training bases in North Syria specifically geared to attack the US.

Mind you, Mr. Obama himself is partially responsible for placing himself in this awkward position the American public is not able yet to understand. You don’t splash honey over yourself when you go rabbit hunting in the lands of bears. The whole premise of American exceptionalism, American retreat, and American policing the world have prepared him to become an easy prey for Iran. In fact, Obama has, inadvertently, delivered himself to Iran fully the day he signed the US-Iran Deal with the assistance by the P5 countries.

Iran, however, is only one hostage taker. Russia has also captured Obama weak in the knees. The ruse of the Chemical Weapons Russia negotiated to save the Assad regime also has turned Mr. Obama into a hostage of theirs. Mr. Putin knows Obama is unwilling to use the US military because of ideological reasons and domestic political considerations, so when Assad backpedals on delivery of his CW’s, as he is doing now, Mr. Obama is stuck with public whining through Secretary Kerry. As far as I know, there has never been a case when the Russians (or the Soviets) were forced into negotiations after a US President complained publicly about their policies.

The Syria/Iran fiasco is the cause of much of the trouble in the region today. US allies are angry, US enemies have their daggers drawn, Hezbollah now fully controls democratic Lebanon, al-Qaeda is growing stronger by the day, and religious chaos or wars are prevalent from Syria, to Yemen, and to the Gulf countries. Prior to Mr. Obama, that poker game we call the Middle East had rules and a Sheriff forcing everyone to abide by these rules. Today, the law has abandoned the saloon to the players now openly fighting each other with all the spectators on the verge of joining the fight. Does the NSC have Plan B if the region starts burning in too many places at once or will Mr. Obama remain a hostage to Iran and Russia?

Maybe America has learned a lesson from electing an inexperienced Senator whose minority-status and oratory brilliance created the conditions for him to preside poorly over the greatest country on earth. But then, the American people are suckers when it comes to political correctness.

How to efficiently make them aware that PC may be counterproductive to their own interests is not something a political party can convey in today’s environment. The American people have to realize this on their own and when they do, Mr. Obama’s tenure will become just a historical footnote.

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