Farid Ghadry

Obama needs a couch

In forensic sciences, fingerprints and footprints are enough to indict criminals leaving behind the traces of their ill deeds. In politics, the same are enough to create an atmosphere of fear and indecision.

A Malaysian jetliner was blown out of the sky by weapons manufactured in Putin’s Russia, fired by well-trained agents of Putin’s Russia, after an unwarranted annexation of a land in another country by Putin’s Russia.

Putin’s paws are all over the criminality of this act and even though some of our politicians like Senator John McCain and Senator Carl Levin denounced Russia’s role in this tragedy, our own Commander-in-Chief is missing in action once more hop scotching between pockets of donors without a worry in the world.

Now, we all know Obama thinks like Putin (i.e. The apology tour), but for heaven’s sake Putin is a criminal and Obama better confront him this time around by exerting his immense powers to punish Russia for its criminal behavior otherwise chaos will break lose all over the globe.

Obama may not want to be the global cop but the USA is whether he likes it or not. If matters get worse, Obama will be blamed, not America. Hello? Is Valerie Jarrett in the vicinity?

Whenever Putin’s fingerprints are anywhere, wars tend to go beyond their intended purpose.

In Syria, the civil war Putin protected Assad from has engulfed both Syria and Iraq with terror groups and created a massive exodus that is taking its toll on Lebanon and Jordan.

In the Ukraine, Putin’s actions have increased the levels of violence globally, which resulted in yesterday’s tragic downing of a Malaysian civilian aircraft, as he attempts to turn back the clock to the Soviet Union times.

The Washington Post reported the words of Ukrainian President Poroshenko:

“War has gone beyond the territory of Ukraine. Consequences of this war have already reached the whole world.”

In Gaza, the Hamas terrorists have been firing rockets on innocent Israeli civilians, non-stop for 12 consecutive days. Assad and Khamenei have delivered to Hamas these rockets and both are Putin’s strongest allies.

Whenever and wherever Putin’s fingerprints are found, terror is not far behind. On the opposite side, whenever and wherever we discover the terror fingerprints of Putin, Obama is missing in action.

He was missing for over three years during the Syrian tragedy, he was missing when the Islamic Caliphate declared its horrific intentions, and he is missing today when Putin’s terror takes the lives of innocent people.

I think our President needs help. The help only a couch in a dim room can offer. Seriously.

No military commander, operating in a battlefield, will survive the onslaught of his enemies if he freezes every time danger confronts him. Nor will his followers.

Obama freezing every time the US has to face evil is jeopardizing this nation’s interests and endangering the lives of every American in the long-term.

It is obvious to all that our US Congress must act to stem the flow of terror causing havoc across the globe. Be it Putin’s or the results of his action demonstrated amply with the rise of the Islamists and their terror.

If Obama and Biden freeze with fear, Speaker John Boehner must not.