Obama Wins & Jerusalem the Morning After

Some Israelis stayed up to see US elections results (and Times of Israel live-Tweeted all night), but most folks like me figured we would go to sleep and see the results first thing in the morning.

Obama was re-elected president and I went to find the celebration party.

Ben Yehuda Street

Ben Yehudah Street was quiet.

Cats in Jerusalem

I found Jerusalem cats, but no Democrats.

Lots of sufganiot are on display, but at English Cake, “NO PHOTOS!”

Obama in Israel

Then, on King George Street, I saw the first signs of Obama in Jerusalem, Israel and they were coming from The American Center.

Jerusalem signs for US election

Where else would the American Center be located if not near

Lincoln Street sign

Lincoln Street, though as many ToI readers are aware, it is pronounced Link-O-Lynn here.

Romney on TV

Romney was on the big screen in the American Center library

Obama on TV

and so was Obama, but the live broadcast party was clearly over.

Obama and Romney

Even in Jerusalem, Obama was getting all the love and Romney was standing like a cardboard cut out.

Abe Lincoln

And there in the corner, watching over the whole scene was President Lincoln. I wonder if he was as happy as most of us are that the endless US election season is finally over?

Oh well, time now to start talking about 2016.





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Tired of only seeing negatives images of Jerusalem in the media, I started taking pictures of what is really happening, to show the world the real Jerusalem streets..