Obama’s 9/11 Shame

The United States Department of State has a checkered history, and one that an esteemed professor of mine once characterized as being, at least on occasion, “genteelly anti-Semitic.”

We all know what the big occasion was.

The State Dept. seems now to be on an extended vacation from common sense.

To wit, the recent comments from Sec. of State Hillary Clinton:

1) “We’re…doing everything we can to bring Iran to a good-faith negotiation.” 

A good-faith negotiation with…Iran? You have a good-faith negotiation with your mother-in-law over where to take the wife and kids for dinner. To talk about a good-faith negotiation with a state sponsor of terror is to prevaricate…to put it nicely.

2) Another zinger: “We’re watching very carefully about what they do…”

Did she really say that? As if the meaninglessness of the statement isn’t already abundantly clear, it’s not even grammatically correct! Go back to law school Hill!

3) This is classic: “We are absolutely firm about the president’s commitment here” paired with the lovely “We’re not setting deadlines.”

No comment.

Except for this: What an insult. On this gray day, September 11, when every American should pause to reflect at least for a moment on the dire consequences of Islamic fascism gone haywire, we should demand more accountability and street cred from our policymakers. This limp-wristed rhetoric is a scandal for a country like the United States.

The United States has a proud history of fighting fascism. When did it suddenly become okay to try to seek a “good-faith negotiation” with it?

What President Obama and his Foggy Bottomers need to say today and all days, and to whom, is clear as beer. The silence and weakness we have on such inglorious display right now is as gaping and horrible as those twin holes in the ground in lower Manhattan.

Careful Barack Hussein…it’s a labyrinthine but inexorable road from silence and weakness to full-blown cowardice. Your idea of fun, perhaps, but not mine nor that of the millions of other Americans whose tax dollars put food on your table and gas in your jet.

It’s too bad a president can’t be impeached for idiocy.

Undo this creeping shame and speak up now, on this day, or get thee packing for Chicago.