Rachel Wahba

Obama’s Impatience with Netanyahu and My Amulet Kissers

Obama is “losing patience” with Netanyahu?

Today’s March 21 NY Times front-page news reports Obama taking “A Sharper Tone with Netanyahu” and “losing patience” with a PM who has not bowed low enough.

An unfortunate sister column sits by its side; “Israeli leader further divides American Jews,” who are stepping in line and losing their sense of support for Israel.

How sadly manipulated we Jews are. It is easy to understand, we are a miniscule less than .2 percent of the world population, .2 %!

Israel is a tiny country with less than 6 million Israeli Jews, 5,968,600,at recent count, surrounded by over 321.9 million Muslims who have never made a secret of wanting and doing everything possible to get rid of Jewish Israel.

Netanyahu’s refusal to be bullied by this administration by disobeying the President of the United States and speaking in front of Congress about an Iran getting ready to demolish Israel, was the last straw. Netanyahu went further and reiterated the tragic truth about any two-state solution. There cannot be a two-state solution until Israel is given legitimacy and loyalty by the second to be formed (Palestinian) state.

That is progressive, letting Israelis be murdered and Israel destroyed is not.There is too much that can no longer be described as “progressive” in the leftist agenda.

From the Jewish University of Brandeis’s shameful behavior towards Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Muslim born activist who personally suffered deeply from a culture of misogyny, to a growing leftist sympathy towards Hamas, and our government’s appeal to trust (and appease) Iran while threatening Israel, is enough to make a sane progressive go mad.

The ongoing lack of speaking out besides some useless “#save our girls,” in Nigeria, and refusing to call the carnage “Islamic Terrorism,” as it blatantly proceeds under the banner of political Islam, as girls and women and minorities continue to be raped, enslaved and butchered in the Middle East and Africa is just plain haram, a word I learned as a child, “shame”, a sinful shame and anything but “progressive.”

 There is nothing progressive in appeasing evil. There is nothing progressive in Obama’s inability to link political “Islam” with Terrorism.

Obama feeling entitled to finally use his historic distaste for Netanyahu by using the election victory to threaten Israel’s survival by “re-evaluating” U.S support is anything but progressive.

Arab Jews have rarely been on the map. When Obama went to give his speech of praise to Egypt in his first term he didn’t ask what did you do with your Jews? Didn’t you have a sizable ancient community predating Islam until 1956?

Flip to p.8 in the same NY Times.

Blame us for Bibi.

Jews from Arab lands traditionally support the person who knows the enemy and is not afraid to speak out this knowledge. We know that no Jew under Islam was truly free. Arbitrary racist rules and a second-class citizenship that can be revoked at any time is not freedom.

Although this long history of ours is not in this article, the prejudice and anger from the Ashkenazi left that most Mizrahim vote Likud is.

In short, according to one leftist artist we Jews are (primitive) “amulet kissers.”

There is a long history of Ashkenazi bigotry open to the left to use when convenient to bash Israel, while resentful Ashkenazim who go so far to complain how the Mizrahim ruined “real Israeli music” with our Arabic sounds.

When it comes to how most Jews from Arab lands vote do any of these Ashkenazim imagine that maybe we Mizrahim know the enemy better than they do?

My family lived through Muslim persecution of Jews in Iraq and Egypt. They kept their heads down and their voices low.

Today we see how when we don’t bow their way, the Ashkenazi left in America and Israel hold hands with Obama and J Street and throw a tantrum.

I can understand the upset Israeli Ashkenazim Living in Israel (not in the USA or anywhere else) get disrupted, disappointed,afraid. Their choice lost. What I cannot accept is the belittling and elitist role they embrace by labeling Mizrahim ignorant right wing primitives.

Netanyahu’s courage to stand up to the bullying of the Obama Administration from day one with its dose of repeated insults: not visiting Israel in his first term, making Netanyahu enter through the back door, sit with his shoes on the table facing the Israel PM while bowing as low as possible to the Saudi princes is intolerable to this Mizrahi Jew.

As an Arabic Jew who grew up stateless and now an American citizen, I will support any government Israelis who live in Israel vote for.

American Jews who support the likes of J Street are joining in this American Administration’s tantrum because they tried  to unseat Netanyahu and failed.

If Israeli Mizrahim helped win the election for Netanyahu, more power to them.

And I don’t see anything wrong with “Amulet Kissers” by the way.

About the Author
Rachel Wahba is a San Francisco Bay Area based writer, psychotherapist and the co-founder of Olivia Travel. An Egyptian-Iraqi Jew, Rachel was born in India and grew up stateless in Japan. The many dimensions of her exile and displacement are a constant theme in her professional work as well as her activism as an advisory board member for JIMENA (Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa).