Jacob Nemeth

Oh Danger, You Are No Stranger

Designed By Jacob Nemeth

Oh Danger, you are no stranger.

You seem to follow me wherever I go. Last year, a deadly pandemic canceled my flight home. Disconnected from loved ones I did not raise my tone. Even though I could only speak to my family over the phone.

Oh danger was that not enough? You didn’t stop there so I toughened up. Jewish holidays you showed no mercy. Even up in the mountains when I was thirsty. Mount Meron I left moments before the stampede. Oh danger please stop, don’t make me plead.

I thought it was over; I was finally safe. But I forgot about you oh danger, what a mistake. You sent a surprise attack when I was off guard. Luckily I wasn’t permanently scared. 3000 rockets flew over my head. I even heard an explosion while laying in my bed.

All your efforts have been in vain. You have never killed me, only caused me some pain. Your failure isn’t a surprise; For 4000 years you have never caused my demise.

I am a Jew and I am eternal. Though my people are smaller than a corn kernel. You have popped up everywhere I go. All four corners of the earth, even in the snow. Sadly, this is normal but that is alright. I know there’s good days to come with all my might.

I stay positive despite your horror. My creator protects me since I’m a restorer. My life has meaning just wait and see. If you antagonize me oh danger, I’ll sting you like a bee. The world is hurting, and I need to restore it’s light. Admit it oh danger, I am right.

I will tell you the secret to my people’s success. However, keep on provoking me and I will just make you guess. Time is running out before my work is completed. Give up now, for you have been defeated. For I am building a righteous planet. Where loving kindness stands out like a ripe pomegranate. My mission on Earth is nearly finished. When I am done your evil will have vanished.

I don’t hold any grudges after what you did to me. Without you, I’d never make it to where I needed to be. I just now have one small request. Have a loving heart within your chest.

Being a mensch is not so hard. Put all selfishness in the graveyard. Soon the world will be rid of anger and war. Instead we can focus on peace forevermore.

Oh danger, you are no stranger.

About the Author
Jacob is experienced in Israeli advocacy and very passionate to spread awareness for Jewish and Israeli causes.
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