Elizabeth Browder

Oh really?

A group.has condemned Israel.for violating  the human rights of Palestinian women.Really, let’s look at the region…


In Saudi Arabia, women cannot drive because some cleric decided that driving hurts the reproductive systems of women.

In  Iran, a 16 year old was hung by crane because she was sexually abused by a government official.

Rape victims are executed, while their attackers go free.

So, How is it ISRAEL is violating women’s rights and these countries get a free pass? How is it these countries are not being condemned??

It is simple: These countries sit on the Human Rights Commission of the UN. This outrages me. This pisses me off. These countries are basically saying whatever crimes happen to the women in their countries are OK..because they are just women. They are saying women don’t matter. Women are not important because they were unlucky enough to be born without a penis.

Israel does not say this. There are laws in place that protect that rights of women. Maybe one day,some of  the other countries in the Middle East will respect women enough to allow them to be an equal part of their society. Maybe one day, these women will be able to stand up for their rights.If anyone is violating the rights of women, it is the Palestinian leadership. But no one will mention that. it is far easier to blame Israel.

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Elizabeth is a nurse by profession, and a parent of a dog who thinks she is human. She likes lots of things. She may write about them.