Olmert/Luplianski et al – Initial Thoughts

Some thoughts:

1. I am always reminded of the story of Rabbi Akiva laughing at the fox running over the ruins of the Beit Hamikdash when I see these types of stories. I always see the half full cup on these occasions. After years of corruption we are finally establishing a higher bar for public officials.

2. The courts are not afraid to go after the rich and powerful as opposed to what we are so often lead to believe. In this case Olmert/Luplianski/Dankner et al represent a pretty good cross section of capital and politics.

3. I am sad that Yad Sarah has been sullied by this, but the court has ruled that its founder knew exactly what was going on.

4. Shula Zaken may have helped, but it is pleasing to see that the judge has ruled against Olmert without having to take her testimony into account. Duchner and his brother Yossi would seemed to have taken care of that.

5. I hope that the testimony of Zaken will be enough to try Olmert for additional crimes and that he receives everything that he deserves.

6. I hope that EVERYONE in public life in Israel learn a lesson for themselves on how to behave! Getting caught is not the only crime, receiving and giving bribes are criminal, non-ethical and BTW against the Torah!

7. Finally, the politicians of Beit Shemesh have much to learn about how to behave, I hope that they take the time for some חשבון נפש

About the Author
Daniel Goldman is a social entrepreneur and the Founding Partner of Goldrock Capital, one of Israel's leading multi-family offices. Daniel is the founder of The Institute for Jewish and Zionist Research and co-chairs the Coalition for Haredi Employment. He is the former chairman of World Bnei Akiva, and immediate past chairman of Gesher.