Elaine Rosenberg Miller

Omar’s Suggested Israel Itinerary

US Congresswoman Ilhan Abdullahi Omar (D-MN) has announced a trip to Israel.

Here are some suggestions:

If she visits Gaza she should go during the hours they have electricity and avoid the flaming kites. Maybe she can travel to the shore to see the beautiful Mediterranean and visualize the hotels and other improvements  that could be constructed if the Palestinian Authority PLO, Fatah would give up. Perhaps she can visit a Gaza school and check out the marching five years olds with mock knives and guns. Or,  maybe not. Terrorists hide their rockets and ammunition in schools and hospitals. A day trip to Ramallah is a good idea. She might find out that residents there don’t actually want the Israelis to withdraw and leave them to fall under the control of despots, both domestic and foreign.

A tour of Islamic archaeological sites is in order.  

And in the afternoon she can go to the Knesset or Israeli Supreme Court and see the Arab legislators and jurists.  

Not too far away are the Israeli medical centers where medical personnel of all backgrounds work side by side treating patient of all backgrounds.

Moving on.

Tel Aviv! New high rises, global leader of start-ups. She just missed Tel Aviv Pride Day where 250,000 participants marched down the avenues.

What is trip to the Israel incomplete without a stop at the Western Wall?

She will run into Nigerians, Koreans, Russians reverently praying.

A call at an African embassy is in order. There she might learn about how Israel is the leader in smart water management including advanced water technology and desalination and how it exports the technology to developing nations, especially in Africa.

When she leaves Israel she will be flying near the Leviathan natural gas fields and may learn that by “conservative estimates  the fields contain enough natural gas to meet Israel’s domestic needs for 40 years”.

Luckily, she will not fly over war-devastated Syria or Lebanon.

It would be a buzz-kill.

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