Chava Berman Borowsky

Omer Koly: Funniest TikTok Comedian

Omer Koly

Daughters of Israel we are at war

And now is exactly the time to find a boyfriend

That one day will become your husband

And start having a real relationship with him

In the shadow of war

Do you know how romantic that is?

Do you even know what kinds of stories you’ll have afterwards?

For your children, for your grandchildren

How mom came to dad at the gates of the army base

And they kissed through the gates because he wasn’t allowed to go to her

I didn’t see him for two weeks and he sent me letters

Here’s a letter that dad wrote to me

Can you even comprehend how moving that is?

You’re not even together yet 

You didn’t even meet him yet

And I’m already moved to tears by both of you

I’m already getting the chills 

And you didn’t even meet each other yet

Omer Koly’s brand of humor can’t be easily defined – it’s very dry and unassuming and it’s hard to compare to other comedians. For example he has a clip of the five things he’s scared of and on his list is that he’ll die without the singer Mergui ever knowing he existed. He also has a great method for coping with the anxieties of the current times – find a bird outside and pretend that you’re the bird, try having a conversation with the bird, and you’ll see that your anxieties will melt away. He unknowingly prophesized our current state of events with a clip which was quirky at the time but has become our new reality. In August during the heyday of the judicial reform protests he put out a video musing that maybe one day we’ll miss the days of judicial reform the same way some of us miss the days of Corona.

The reason that Omer Koly can get away with ridiculous comedy during such a sensitive time is that he’s genuinely funny. As we learned from the now infamous video of the Chorev Ulpana, if you’re going to put out content that some might find offensive it better at least be funny – otherwise it just falls flat as acute insensitivity. Omer Koly also likes giving us humorous practical tips on how to deal with different stressful times. For example when he didn’t want to help his mom with cleaning for Pesach he sat in his car and he changed his name from Omer to Eitan but he kept it as a secret to himself so now he could ignore his mom and not help with the cleaning.

Omer Koly’s latest shtik is his reaction to the pro-Palestinian protests at Zara’s. He tells us that for years he’s been telling everyone that the seasonal collection at Zara isn’t what it used to be. The clothing is poor quality, the styles are awful, and the shirts he buys shrink in the dryer. But even so, he’s not going so far as to attend a demonstration that calls for shaming the brand. But his boldest announcement is that he takes offense with the term ביחד ננצח because maybe he wants to experience the Iron Shield War alone and not with other people. It’s all OK, because as he made it abundantly clear to us his sister is in the army and so that means he has a direct line to know exactly what the army’s next plan is and he’ll let us all know.

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