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On Democratic Savagery

It is utterly amusing to see people work themselves into frenzies over the smallest of pretenses. It has become a widespread habit to read offense and villainy into any word or phrase uttered by a politician. This is especially true when one looks at President Trump, who has a panache for getting under people’s skin.

President Trump took to Twitter to vent his frustration and ire against a group of Democrats operating within the United States Congress. His usage of the word ’savages’ has sparked an uproar and an outcry throughout the land. People are running to and fro, condemning the man and reading all sorts of nonsense into his word usage. Accusations of racism and anti-Semitism have been tossed around due to the fact that the lawmakers who were the target of the tweet are either Jewish or are members of another minority group.

Aha! A smoking gun to prove President Trump’s bigotry.

Not so fast. While it is understandable that those who vehemently despise President Trump read insult and malice into words where there are none, it is baffling to see how many others give credence to such nonsense.

No, the President of the United States didn’t randomly go on a bigoted tirade. And no, he wasn’t targeting any specific ethnic or religious group in his venting. The sole unifying factor between all of those attacked by President Trump is their continued use of libelous insults and slander against the him. That is why he lumped them all together, not because of their ethnic and religious backgrounds. He was simply attacking his political rivals, the very same opponents who have accused President Trump of being a traitor, a Nazi and a white supremacist.

The hysterics over President Trump and his ramblings are bordering obsession. Yes, the man is a loudmouth who says many foolish things. But he is not a racist, nor did his tweet drip with xenophobia or intolerance. He was simply using bombastic language to target Democratic lawmakers who constantly use bombastic language against him. An eye for an eye, if you will.

The political atmosphere in the United States is tense and full of suspicion. People rush to demonize each other with little rhyme or reason behind such actions. The American people are fragmenting and the politicians in Washington DC are not helping matters.

Whenever such hysterics arise in response to President Trump, people must take a step back and breathe. Feeding into mass hysteria and populist rage will not help mend the wounds that deeply afflict the country.

Hopefully, in the future, cooler heads will prevail. It is the only way to repair our beloved Republic.

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