On King Chizkiyahu and whose land it is

Nothing can make me happier than reading about another archeological discovery showing who are the REAL indigenous people of the Land of Israel. Not even a great win of my two favorite soccer teams[Beitar Jerusalem and Arsenal London…] can cheer me up as the news about the seal of King Chizkiyahu found in Jerusalem. A Great day to our people, a bad day to our enemies from the outside and from within, those who claim that the Palestinians are the authentic indigenous people of the land. No, they are not!, Yes, WE are, the Jews . It is one of these revelations which should be SO clear to anyone who knows something about the land and its history, but this is a crazy world, where the Women Studies Association of the US boycotts Israel, NOT Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan, so why should I wonder. Old story, called anti-Semitism by non-Jews or self-hating by Jews[Theodor Lessing in his 1930 book, Jewish Self-hatred, coined the phrase for first time].

The battle cry of most of the Left Wing is , that this land belongs to its indigenous people, and for them these are the Palestinians, and that is the beginning and end of every discussion. Part of it is sheer ignorance, but beyond the ignorance there is the basic refusal to accept the Jews as a nation, a distinct ethnic group, not just a religious denomination. Simply put, if the Jews are a nation, then where is their homeland? Uganda?, Fiji Islands?, Alaska? .So, there are academics like Shlomo Zand who talk about the invention of the Jewish people, Marxists of all kinds who cannot accept Zionism because the uniqueness of Jewish attachment to our homeland defies the theories of the self-hating Jewish intellectual, the Palestinian National Movement, whose Covenant denies the existence of a Jewish people[clause 6 of the Covenant of the PLO], and all kinds of Jewish Liberals and progressives who like to support every national liberation movement in the world, but their own. My readers will be surprised to read, that no other than Hafiz Assad , the Syrian dictator from 1970 to 2000, and the father of the current butcher in Damascus , acknowledged Jewish rights over the land.On 24 January 1987, he said to the Kuwaiti Newspaper Al-Qabas[the fire in Arabic], that yes, the Jews were in the land 2000 years back, but that does not give them any rights. Well, he was wrong… there were Jews in the land throughout these 2000 years, but their homeland was under foreign occupiers.

There may be all kinds of scholarly definitions for what characterizes indigenous people.I will spare you all that now, rather offer a definition based on simpleĀ and understandable criteria. A trivial question to ask every pro-”Indigenous” Palestinian agitator, or just ordinary , honest people. What history is buried down under that of the more recent rulers of a land?, Well, everyone knows the answer with regard to Jerusalem. It is our history which is buried, it is our Temple whose ruins are buried beneath the Mosques , not the other way around. Moreover, is there anyone who can pinpoint to even ONE archeological discovery referring to the name Palestine prior to the year 135 A.D , when the Romans after defeating our national hero Bar Kochva, changed the name of the Province , from Jerusalem to Falastina I.

Can anyone pinpoint to any Arabic inscription anywhere in the land before the Arab-Muslim occupation of 636 A.D? Pulitzer prize for investigative journalism is hereby offered to those who can come up with positive answers to my questions. The discovery announced today of the Royal Seal of King Chizkiyau is bad news to the Palestinians and their supporters. No wonder that they object to Jewish archeological excavations in Jerusalem. No wonder, that they rioted in 1996, when the Hashmonean tunnel was opened in Jerusalem, being buried for so many years underneath Muslim Jerusalem. Sure enough, truth is a problem, particularly when you listen to the Chief Palestinian negotiator with Israel, Sa’eb Areiqat, who stated that there was never a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, and that King Shlomo was a Palestinian… why not?, as the legendary Arik Einstein wrote once in one of his songs, that” even a sweeper shoots…, then why not King Shlomo being Palestinian?

It is all today , in this piece, about history, about Jewish nationalism and Jewish pride. Not a word about political conclusions to be drawn and applied to the current situation, only to say, that whether we are against any territorial compromise, or in favor of very significant ones, whether we are doves or hawks, we should be certain about whose land it is.

About the Author
Dr Josef Olmert, a Middle East expert, is currently an adjunct professor at the University of South Carolina