J.J Gross

On the defeat of Hillary CLinton

This past Tuesday, the American people have defeated many domestic enemies and obstacles. First and foremost the media – a corrupt, consolidated media which has been engaged in a non-stop gangbang and hatchet job against the Republican candidate. Donald Trump is hardly the poster child for innocence and probity, but he is certainly no worse and, in fact, a whole lot better than his rival Hillary CLinton.

The New York Times has been nothing but a daily screed attacking Donald Trump from every possible angle. So arrogant and smug were they, that they did not even bother to hedge their bets just a twee in case the ‘wrong’ candidate might win. Now the Gray Lady is left with her sorry bottom exposed and a very cold welcome at the new White House.

The way the broadcast media has covered the election campaign has been nothing less than disgusting, utterly transparent in its prejudices, doing everything from editorializing news coverage to ignoring the energy in the street and the will of the people.

The American people have also defeated President Obama. They have made manifest their disgust with his eight-year effort to destroy America and the free world, and prop up the world’s most venal regimes.

The American people have destroyed a criminal enterprise known as Clinton Inc. This crime syndicate was the self-serving and self-enriching cosa nostra of the Clinton family. But more importantly, the very fact that it could exist in the first place, and thrive under the protection of the Dept of Justice, was proof of an entrenched, cynical political establishment that is now finished.

The American people have taken the first giant step toward ridding themselves of a cancerous political correctness that has destroyed the academy and addled the brains of millions of young people. It is high time for America’s universities to go back into the business of serious education. Hopefully this will now happen. Hopefully this will spell the end to ridiculous nouveau-faux areas of “scholarship” such as gender studies and conflict resolution.

The American people have made certain that the will of the people will be heard by making a clean sweep of the White House, Congress and the Senate. This will make governing possible, and augurs well for a revitalized Supreme Court. Antonin Scalia can now rest in peace.

The most remarkable aspect of the Election night media coverage was observing those smug media criminals morphing like chameleons from vicious haters of the man who will now be president into sycophantic boot lickers marveling at his victory — gushing about all the remarkable people and strategies that made his victory possible, and fawning over his family.How can Wolf Blitzer look into a mirror without committing seppuku?

To quote the utterly unlamentable Michelle Obama eight years ago, “I’m finally proud to be an American.”

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J.J Gross is a veteran creative director and copywriter, who made aliyah in 2007 from New York. He is a graduate of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a lifelong student of Bible and Talmud. He is also the son of Holocaust survivors from Hungary and Slovakia.
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