One of These Minnesota Abusers is not Like the Other (Hint: one is Jewish)

The difference between the treatment of former Minnesota senator Al Franken and former congressman Keith Ellison who is running for attorney general is striking. One is a Black Muslim and one is a white Jew. The Jew was run out of the Senate on a rail due to some pictures of him joking around making obscene gestures to sleeping women, among other things. The other is accused of actual domestic abuse, beating his girlfriend and throwing her off a bed while screaming obscenities at her. The left has rallied around Keith Ellison, an African American Muslim, and has not even made a gesture to ask for him to drop out of the race for attorney general of Minnesota, the highest law enforcement position in the State.

Why the kid glove treatment for Ellison and the harsh treatment for Franken, both from the state of Minnesota? I posit that it is because Franken is a white Jew that he was treated much more harshly. You see, to the left a Jew is not a minority, and therefore does not get a pass for bad behavior. Ellison is both an African American and a Muslim, two groups that are the highest ranking on the left as far as “victimology“ is concerned and therefore get a pass for their bad behavior. This treatment of Jews as a non minority can be seen on many different fronts. I am not promoting special treatment for Jews as a minority, but only the equal treatment of all people for their bad behavior. But so continues the absolute hypocrisy of the radical left…

About the Author
Midwest USA born and raised. Recently retired as a Vice President at BMO Harris Bank in Milwaukee WI. Lived in Israel as a young man and still travel their regularly. Enjoys biking boating and all manner of outdoor activities. He is an avid student of Jewish religion and history.