One Year Jail Term For Burning The American Flag? Maybe Also Consider This Idea


At the Tulsa rally President Trump introduced the idea of sentencing all those found guilty of burning the American Flag to a one year jail sentence. That seems to be a very good idea. But if I remember correctly he was describing an incident where the statue of either George Washington or Thomas Jefferson was wrapped in an American Flag and then the Flag was set on fire. That is totally disgusting.

People are sent to jail all the time, get released and then it seems they don’t learn their lesson which results in a repeat performance of a crime and then many times they end up in jail again.

Therefore, perhaps if President Trump would consider punishing those people who would dare burn our American Flag or destroy statues of such great men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and even Abraham Lincoln, perhaps that will teach them never to do it again.

Mount Rushmore

The faces of all of these great men who became US Presidents are carved into the hillside of the Black Hills in South Dakota.

They are part of American History which should not be altered or tampered with and therefore anyone to dare even consider destroying the legacy of any of these men should pay a very high price for attempting to do so.

A Punishment To Fit The Crime

One suggestion would be to sentence these people to a project that involves being sent up to Mount Rushmore and being required to clean off the faces of all four Presidents appearing on that mountain. For any of those people who are unable to physically serve their sentence due to a physical condition preventing them from doing so, they should then have to pay a fine to help finance this project so that the US taxpayers do not have to pay a single cent.

There will be no problem with social distancing and I am very confident that by staring at the faces of those Presidents looking straight at them, these criminals will get a message they will never forget for the rest of their lives.

The Presidents carved into the Black Hills mountainside were all great men and no one or no terrorist organisation should be allowed to destroy our American Flag, which thousands of Americans gave their lives for. And if they try, President Trump is correct that they should be required to pay a price for doing so.

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