Only Two More Days of Hell (Down with the sultanate of Bibi )

Erdogan is clapping hands in his palace in Ankara. I can hear him shouting to his friends, “The Israeli corrupt one is becoming more like us. He has finally realized real power works!”

Remove the kippah. Bibi must be faithful to his beliefs and policies. He must wear a red fez if he is trying to restore the Ottoman regime that once ruled over us for more than 400 years. A regime of corruption A regime like Erdogan’s Turkey.

Two days remain to his extended mandate by President Rivlin to form a new government. His total failure and inability to do so speaks volumes !!

Tens of thousands of Israelis marched Saturday night carrying signs demanding “Netanyahu must go”. “Save our Democracy”. Foolish people. The signs have little effect. Why did they re-elect him in the first place on April 9th Regrets? Pangs of conscience?

President Rivlin cannot or will not ask another member of the Likud government to form a new coalition Likud is Netanyahu and Netanyahu is Likud.

Only new elections at a terrible cost to our budget can possibly redeem the disaster of April 9th.

Will a victory for Blue-and-White party be successful in forming a coalition without the votes of the Likud and the ultra-Orthodox parties? Place your bets now.

Well….how about replacing Jewish Bibi with Muslim Tibi ?

If we are, as we used to believe, a democratic nation, there is no law which states that only a Jew can be elected prime minister. Registered Israeli citizens can vote for other registered Israeli citizens. That’s what real democracy is.

But if the large anti-Semitic population of the Ukraine can elect a Jew as president and another Jew as prime minister of the country, why can’t Israel elect a minority citizen to national office? (A foolish suggestion, I know . Written as satire).

But, quite honestly, there are many un-named men and women who are well-qualified to serve diligently and honestly on behalf of our nation and our citizens. Decent people. Educated people. Caring and compassionate people. Lovers of a stable democratic and fair government for all of our citizens. ALL of them !

I have no way of knowing, without taking a preliminary survey of our voters, how many Israelis read newspapers of the foreign press? How many Israelis understand what the other world is saying about us? Too many of our people rely upon Noni Mozes’ YEDIOT ACHRONOT, while he, the publisher, is facing indictment for bribery in one of the three cases against Netanyahu.

I follow international news from the American, Canadian, British , Dutch, German, French and Spanish press. The only press favorable to Netanyahu, for the most part, is the American press. But the Jewish American press is largely opposed to him. He is no longer the “darling” of America’s Jewish population . Even AIPAC has turned its back on him. His only real friend in the USA is its president, Donald Trump, often birds of a feather.

In many Muslim countries it is customary to punish individuals convicted of theft by cutting off a hand. I am told that somewhere in the world in centuries before my birth and yours, to punish a lying tongue, the tongue was cut out.

But we, as a civilized nation, do not follow those cruel habits. Instead, we punish criminals by electing them to public office in the hope that the scorn of our citizens will defeat them.

Binyamin Netanyahu has done great things for Israel in the past. Make no mistake about it. It is impossible to deny it. But hungry for more power and adulation from our citizens, his ego (supported by wife Sara and son Yair) has got the best of him. And now we see only the worst of him. But it was there all the time, well-hidden from the public’s view.

His past glories will be minimized in his legacy while his present will be demonized.

Of course, in such a situation, Netanyahu could have turned to his Likud friends in the Knesset urging them to pass a law making it a criminal offense to write a negative legacy about him. Democracy…NO. Autocracy… YES. Dictatorship…ABSOLUTELY.

We are living in a state of national trepidation. We fear what may result from a new costly election.

If Lieberman and Netanyahu and the ultra-Orthodox parties could compromise and agree to the Ben-Sorek proposal, we could have a government today or tomorrow. That proposal suggests keeping the conscription bill as is but with one carefully defined clause. That clause would allow all haredi conscripts into the IDF to serve in non-combat units. In its place, their military service would permit them to do military community service such as cleaning, teaching classes to soldiers, cooking, etc. In this way, the haredi conscripts would do service to the country minus forced combat activities. It might work if there is goodwill on all sides.

A wise public, a caring public, a democratically-affiliated public could vote to put Bibi out of political life permanently.

And at the same time, if there is a compassionate God, that same caring public should wrap the ultra-Orthodox in their talleisim and tefillin and deport them to their respective synagogues.

Anywhere else. Just NOT in our Knesset !

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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