Avi Nofech
"democracy and free trade are the only way to peace"

Only Western pressure can bring peace for Israel

Yom Kippur War was unfortunately necessary for future peace

Before the 1973 war Israel had no interest in returning all of Sinai to Egypt. But for Egypt recovering all of their land was a must. There was an impasse, and the Yom Kippur War broke it. It made clear to Israel that war with Egypt was unsustainable, and after the war Israel agreed to return all of Sinai in the peace treaty.

Palestinian peace proposal is as far as they can go

The Palestinian peace proposal by PM Shtayyeh for demilitarised Palestine in Green Line borders with equal territorial exchanges, and a NATO peacekeeping force is as far as Palestinians can go without becoming traitors and Quislings.
But it is not enough for Israel, and there is an impasse.

Israel is at risk of ending up in the one-state solution

If the impasse is not broken, Israeli settlement will continue, separation will become impossible, and there would have to be in the end one Israel-Palestine.
The impasse can be broken after the ICC rules about human rights violations and pressure is brought about by Western nations.

The Conclusion

The conclusion of this argument is that Western pressure on Israel is needed to save Israel.

About the Author
I went to graduate school at the Hebrew University and since then worked as a lecturer in Canada and in Israel.