David Weissman

Open Letter to Moscow Mitch

Sir, we are living in troubled times. Racism and hate crimes are at an all time high, mass shootings are through the roof of which the likes we ever seen. Hundreds of people have died because the wrong people have an easy access of guns. Not just any gun, but Grade A Military style assault rifles which are meant for combat.

Democrats and Republicans have put together several pieces of legislation for common sense gun reform that majority of Americans are begging for. However, these bills sit on your desk, ignored. You are failing the people that elected you to act as Senator, but instead you act as Russian Puppet.  You have also blocked bi-partisan bills that would protect elections in our country. This gives Russia more opportunities to interfere in our elections. You are single handedly putting our Democracy at risk. This is why the people are calling you Moscow Mitch. If you don’t like this nickname, do your job and represent the American people. I remember back when I was a Republican, you and many other Republicans freaked over a comment Obama made to the Russian ambassador promising him that they will have more flexibility, and here you are giving it to them. You take money from the NRA and Russia which is preventing you from making the right decisions to secure our Democracy and safety of the American people. If you continue these acts which I know you will, I will do all I can to help Amy Mcgrath to replace you in office.

I support Mcgrath because she has the leadership experience that you don’t. She’s also a combat veteran who will not use us veterans as votes. She has policies that will help our country move forward and is willing to make the hard decisions to protect our Democracy and our people, it’s time for you to go Moscow Mitch.

About the Author
David Weissman was born in New York and served in the US Army for 13 years, with two deployments to Afghanistan. He is a former Republican and left MAGA and ended his support for Trump. He joined the Democratic party now fighting for the rights of others.
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