Open letter to Reform Jews attending the AIPAC Policy Conference

I have read with horror the statement from your movement about Donald Trump being invited to speak at the AIPAC policy conference.  Any negative action on your part is the wrong thing to do, at the wrong time, in the wrong place.

It is common knowledge that the Reform movement is ‘weak’ on Israel.

Your current and former heads (Rabbis Yoffie and Jacobs) have constantly and publicly criticized Israel. They seem to not have learned the lesson from the great and most respected Rabbi David Hartman that it is okay to criticize Israel as long as you do it as a mother not as a mother-in-law. Their ‘mother-in-law’ style criticism has done nothing but strengthen those trying to destroy Israel.

Approximately 400 Reform rabbis are members of the J Street Rabbinical Cabinet whose chair, Reform rabbi John Rosove (Los Angeles), has compared Israel to an addicted drunk. These rabbis have strengthened those trying to destroy Israel.

A large percentage of American Jews who supported the Iran fiasco come from the Reform movement — chutzpah to the max, since 80% of Israeli Jews, and the Israeli Government Opposition opposed it.

The AIPAC Policy Conference is the gathering during which presidential candidates are given the chance to explain their position on Israel – nothing else.

Attendees should be there to listen, to learn, to lobby on behalf of issues facing Israel. Protesting Trump’s presentation in any way will do nothing but hurt Israel and strengthen those trying to destroy it.

There is a reasonable chance that Trump will be our next president. Do you REALLY want him to remember how he was treated by some in the pro-Israel community?

About the Author
Paul Jeser born in the Bronx in 1945 has been a member of the Jewish Communal Service and a Jewish fundraising professional since 1972. Although not an ordained Rabbi, he organized and ran a Jewish Chaplaincy program in the United States Army in Augsburg, Germany (1969-71). Jeser was an officer with a drug rehabilitation center in Vietnam (1971-72) during which time he was awarded a Bronze Star. In May, 2006, the Hebrew Union College, Institute of Jewish Religion, presented Mr. Jeser the Sherut L’Am award in recognition of his decades of service to the Jewish People.
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