Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Opening Our Eyes

When we look at how things were a few years ago, compared to now, we see a new world emerging.

In schools, courts, legislatures, businesses, social media, and other venues, many people are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of ensuring that society is cognizant of G-d and His commandments, thereby opening channels to receive the Almighty’s blessings for peace and harmony in the entire world.

The Hebrew word for exile — גולה (Gola), differs from the word for Redemption — גאולה (Geula), by one letter— א (Aleph). Aleph can refer to ‘Aluphoi shel oilom’ — Master of the world. Meaning, that when the Redemption happens, everyone will be aware of G-d’s presence and His Omnipotence.

The world is rapidly changing for the better. Redemption seems very close.

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