Avi Nofech
"democracy and free trade are the only way to peace"

Operation Freedom for Gaza

There is no need for Israel to go through repeated flare-ups of fighting with Hamas. It is entirely possible to put an end to it once and for all.
Here is the plan:

1. Israel offers the Palestinian Authority to support its rule over Gaza on condition that Palestinian Authority will allow regular Palestinian elections. Any Palestinian, including in Gaza, who is not a member of a terrorist organization, will be allowed to vote.

2. Israel and PA together offer Hamas and Islamic Jihad to disarm and become peaceful Palestinian political parties.

3. If they refuse, Israel and PA together implement Operation Freedom for Gaza.
Israel provides the force that takes over Gaza and Palestinian police provides the force that keeps the order for the civilian population of Gaza.
All Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters who surrender are taken prisoners of war. All weapons and weapon making factories of Hamas and Islamic Jihad are destroyed.

4. After that, Palestinian Authority rules Gaza with support of international force, made of nations friendly to both Israel and the Palestinians. There is emergency humanitarian and economic assistance for Gaza.

5. Israel signs a free trade agreement with PA and good life for Palestinians begins, including in Gaza. They will be able to work for Palestinian employers who will export their goods to Israel.

6. The US helps to resolve the remaining Israeli-Palestinian issues.
Fighting together to end the crisis in Gaza will make the IDF and the Palestinian police brothers in arms. This will be good for future peaceful life for Israelis and Palestinians.

About the Author
I was a lecturer in mathematics in Israel and in Canada and now teach part time at Grant MacEwan University and work on a project in mathematical physics. As for hobbies, it is skiing. I can do the black diamond and my ambition is to do the double black diamond.