Organic Fruit Baskets Florist in Crown Heights Has the Cure for the Summertime Blues


It is sticky hot here in Brooklyn. Maybe not the dog day heat of early August, but it is getting there. So naturally we are going to be eating certain kinds of foods more than others, and naturally we are going to be eating summer fruits, even though it is a double treat to refresh ourselves with a cool fresh fruit snack all year round!

June was the official Fresh Fruits and Vegetables month, and we are now slipping into July. June 1st began the time of the season of a cornucopia of summertime produce; this means you should increase your fresh fruit intake. Road side stands, grocery stores, u-picks and the works, not only does fresh fruit add color to the table, but they’re also high in nutrients.

Nowadays, we hear so much about eating less in order to maintain good weight. But with eating fresh fruits you do not have to worry. “You really cannot overdose on fruits.” said Julia Garte of Organic Fruit Basket Florist. “A lot of my customers order chocolates and candy in their gift packages, but unlike with those products, when I sell fruit I do not need to warn them not to eat too much. I do not have to warn them about protecting their teeth and gums. Instead I can encourage them to eat more! Fresh fruits are the opposite of eating candy.” The USDA Dietary guidelines really emphasize fruits and vegetables because of the major health role they play. They can reduce the risk of many chronic diseases such as heart disease, Diabetes I and II and cancer.

So even though it is going to be July, we will have to keep on eating fresh fruit. However, despite what Julia Garte of Organic Fruit Basket Florist said, there is conflicting evidence which tells us not to overindulge in eating fresh fruit. According to one article on, adults need 5 servings of fruit per day, (one serving = 1 cup) where as teenagers require still more. However some studies have shown that like anything else, it is indeed possible to eat too much fresh fruit. Because of its being high in calories and sugar, eating too much may lead to weight gain. So there are conflicting reports on this.

Here are some ways you can eat a conscious fruit-friendly diet: Add 100 percent natural fresh juice to your breakfast; then replace all of your snacks with fruit. Add fresh fruits to all your salads: blueberries, apples and strawberries, sprinkle it with blue cheese and nuts! Watermelon, melon and strawberry are perfect to chop up and serve on a tray as an appetizer at your next barbecue. They sure are healthier than chips and dip.

Organic Fruit Basket Florist is located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn at 325 Kingston Avenue.


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