Our Peace Partners: An Anthology

The following is a collection of words of endearment regarding the Jews and the State of Israel from our fine friends at the Palestinian Authority and their cohorts.

Also included are some ideas from our friends the Obama administration and the EU, aka the “Peace Brokers”

In the words of comedian Russell Peters: “I don’t make the stereotypes, I just see them”







PA President praises the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Yasser Arafat at a Fatah (PLO) gathering in Gaza


PA Official: “If the Jews leave Judea and Samaria…all of Israel will collapse”



Protocols of the Elders of Zion featured on Palestinian Authority TV


Killer of an 84 year old Jewish man is praised as a “heroic giant” on PA TV.


PA TV salutes Hamas terrorist mastermind Abbas Al-Sayyed on his Birthday.



Senior PA Official: “If we had a nuke, we’d have used it this morning”


PA Imam: Protocols of the Elders of Zion is “Jews’ plan to rule the world”


Fatah official: “Goal is the end of Israel…but you can’t say that to the world”


PA Minister: “Agreement with Israel modeled after Mohammed’s treaty with the Jews of Mecca”


Kids living under the PA in the West Bank put on a “school play” on how to provoke and attack Israeli soldiers



President Obama calls for Israel to go back to the 1967 lines



The 2012 DNC erupts in boos when G-d and Jerusalem are reinstated into the DNC platform.


US Dept spokeswoman on Palestinian prisoners being terrorists: “We don’t have a position on that”


Obama’s new UN ambassador Samantha Power suggested the US invade Israel


American-Jewish group: “IRS accused us of being linked to terrorism because we are Pro-Israel”



EU Ambassador to Israel: “We simply want to identify and label Israeli settlement products correctly”






About the Author
Greg Lauren was born in Ukraine and grew up in the NYC metro area. After working as a trader on Wall St. for 8 years, he made aliyah in 2010. After living in Jerusalem, he returned to NYC and runs the blog Israel Beyond, where he educates young Jews about Israel, the Middle East and Judaism. His ultimate goal is to return to Israel and inspire young Russian-Jews to make aliyah.