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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (Via Jewish News)
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (Via Jewish News)

Jeremy Corbin is exactly 10 months older than me. That means he was 18 years old when the Six-Day War took place. Anybody of that generation will recall the degree of fear and trepidation washing over Jewish communities throughout the world. This was after all only 22 years after the Holocaust. There is not very much doubt that most Jews time saw the Zionist project -the establishment of a Jewish state as our last chance to maintain a viable Jewish people. Quite simply without Israel  there was and is absolutely no way we can survive as a people .

You simply cannot change history ! There were enough of us around 51 years ago who actually heard and read the blood curdling threats coming from the Arab world .

Ahmed Shukairy, Chairman of the PLO:

”This is a fight for the homeland- it is either us or the Israelis. There is no middle road. The Jews will have to leave. We will facilitate their departure to their former homes. Any of the old Palestinian Jewish population who survive may stay but it is my impression that none of them will survive”

Nasser of Egypt:

“Our basic objective is the destruction of Israel”

And there were many many more of this ilk – sending shivers of horror up our spines . Ask any Jew over 60 what he was thinking at the time!

This is not a fantasy, this was not made up .

Arab leaders deliberately and consciously threatened the Jewish people with genocide – again . Some of them are still at it! The Iranians threaten all the time. So does Hezbollah’s leader Hassan Nasrallah, who said that he would like all the world’s Jews to immigrate  to Israel – so that he can kill us all off) And this organisation  is feted by Corbyn! So is Hamas – a classic clerical fascist organisation.

Can somebody please explain to me? What on earth is a left Socialist doing cuddling up to these sort of people? People threatening the Jewish people with genocide . This is simply deranged.

Corbyn was 18 in 1967 and politically literate.

He couldn’t possibly have not known or heard of the stuff coming out of the Arab world .Like him, as a teenager and in early 20’s, I was involved in radical politics. I know exactly the sort of influence Corbyn fell under . He has never abandoned the sort of thinking he had as a young man. For him it’s all about anti imperialism – and Israel is part of that “axis of evil”

For me the conclusion was and is clear- Aliyah  is the only real answer to anti Semitism.

Corbyn is an anti Zionist down to his boot straps . He is not going to change views he’s  had for 40 odd years . This is the reason why he just wont meet any Zionist parties in Israel. He was in Jordan a few months ago , Its only a short trip to Israel . He could easily have made a serious attempt at a dialogue with my colleagues in Meretz and the left of the centrist Labour Party. But that was too difficult for him( he sent Lansman instead ). Neither he nor anybody in his party have made the slightest effort to open a dialogue with my party.

He really cannot understand why we are so hostile to him.

Today hundreds of thousands of people in the UK are entirely convinced that Israel is an illegitimate State which has no right to exist and that the Jewish people should be denied their auto emancipation and that Zionism is nothing more than an exclusivist racist political theory .Odd really-In 1967, nobody in Britain thought that eradicating Israel would be a huge progressive step in ridding the world of racism .

Now how did this come about? After all, in 1948 nobody at the UN General Assembly suggested that the idea of a Jewish State was “racist “The word was not even broached until the early 1970’s it’s really quite simple: as a result of the massive PR calamitous defeat(in addition to the even more calamitous military defeat) the Arab  world simply had to come up with a new more sanitised and acceptable version of their never ending desire to destroy Israel. It was at this time that they came up with the slogan of the “secular democratic state” in which all “religions” were supposed to live in harmony in a one state solution in Palestine. Note their insistence of continuing to deny  Jews any national aspirations or even that there was or is such a thing as the Jewish people.

It was then that they, together with their  Soviet patrons, formulated a plan which they felt would resonate with all  good thinking educated people throughout the world ,who abhorred any form of racial discrimination. All they had  to do was rebrand Israel and Zionism as a racist ideology . Gradually , after many years of this drip drop pernicious propaganda it would become firmly embedded in the minds of an entire generation and become the “ accepted” “ correct” position for any liberal and leftist .

You have to admit that this is been a devastatingly successful ploy. After all – what could be more attractive than a simple plea saying that everybody should live in one state  in peace and tranquillity ?

As we all know, this propaganda has been aided and abetted by Israel’s continued occupation of the West Bank for the  unprecedented period of over 50 years . Those of us on the Zionist left predicted with unerring accuracy that the consequences of ruling over another people indefinitely, would have devastating calamitous consequences. We were ignored than and we are ignored now .

The continuing woeful occupation has provided a fantastically successful fig leaf, “justifying” the explosion  of rampant anti-Semitism masquerading as Anti Zionism . You simply cannot get away pretending that the occupation is not the elephant in the room  Remove the occupation and you would certainly see a  substantial reduction of  anti-Semitic activity.( hypothetical prediction because the present government has no intention of abandoning the occupation) It’s true that there would remain for  the  foreseeable future ,a hard-core of people who are determined to support the eradication of the inalienable Jewish right  to self-determination.  We are correct in insisting that the denial of Jewish right to self-determination as a recognised nationality constitutes anti-Semitism. It is this position that is driving the Labour Party up the wall because the people who control the Party have been taught for the last 50 odd years , that Israel is an illegitimate entity – and they want to have the “right” to keep on calling it and Zionism as “racist “

This is the crux of the matter. Hence their difficulty in adopting the anti Semitic definition.

It is of course true that the stated position of the Labour Party in the last two general elections has been in favour of the two state solution. Corbyn in a recent article in the Guardian said so . The problem , of course is that nobody really believes him! And rightly so ! He reiterated his position clearly – he believes that the whole Zionist project and the existence of Israel is  racist – and therefore should be defeated . The hostility is so acute that his principal acolyte   Seamus Milne thinks that even  the use of the Hebrew language is an act of imperialism!

The memory of the Holocaust is receding from public knowledge. Anti-Semitism in Britain has always existed. There were even boarding houses and golf clubs-in the clear knowledge of Belsen and Auschwitz , who routinely excluded Jews in the 50s and 60s. An entire generation has now grown up, in which the Holocaust is remote history. What is now ‘ important ‘ is how we “treat” the Palestinians . They seem to be uninterested in the far worse fates of  Syrians and Yemenites. Why you may ask – the answer is again simple : Jews . They just can’t stop being obsessed with us and the built in genetic distaste for us . how else can you explain this endless demonization ?

Even if , for the moment, there will be a minor concession like adopting the IHRA definition- it will only be temporary. The reason is that there is absolutely no indication on the horizon that Israel has any intention of abolishing itself! In order to  downgrade to a ‘reasonable’ degree outright anti Semitism ,Israel would have  to bring the occupation to an end – but . Israel  will not bring the occupation to an end .The Likud is far more right wing than it was even 10 years ago . To all intents and purposes it is a “soft” Khanist party  and its satellites – Bait Yehudi , Chachlon and Liberman are perfectly content with an ideology and program that is becoming increasingly racist . Its supporters – like Trump’s, will not abandon their” home” no matter what . Israel will gradually turn into an apartheid State quite simply because there are now 400,000 settlers in the West Bank and that quite simply means – one State or apartheid. All this will unquestionably strengthen anti Semitism to unimaginable proportions

With such developments  – Israel will become a pariah ,because it will never prefer a one state solution – and that will present Anglo Jewry with an impossible situation, which will make life very difficult in Britain.

So start thinking of packing your bags.

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Yonathan(John) de Frece is Chairman of Meretz Ramat Gan. He was formerly General Secretary of Mapam UK and has been living in Israel for the last 43 years
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