Palestine mon amour: Why is the French parliament wrong

There isn’t a day more symbolic than today to write this article, anniversary of the UN Resolution 181, 29 Nov.

On the 28th the French parliament debated a motion to recognize the state of Palestine as a sovereign state of the Palestinian people.

The socialist group of the parliament justifies this invitation based their interpretation of the UN resolution 181 of 1947. See note 1.

The socialist group quotes this resolution, and only this resolution.

Does this resolution, and the socialist invitation, have any kind of sincerity, or loyalty?

Assemblée Nationale

If the discussed text is based on resolution 181, it needs to express itself on the same terms and objectives.

Lets take a little step back, and define what is Palestine according to the resolution. Palestine is composed of the territories of the west Levant, which are not Lebanese, Syrian, Jordanian, or Egyptian. Thus it is composed of the actual territory of Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza.

This resolution states explicitly, the creation of TWO PALESTINIAN states, for the two groups of Palestinian peoples: an Arabic Palestinian state and a Jewish Palestinian state. But the socialist group seems to ignore this fact, as if they haven’t even read the grounding text of their proposal. Indeed they are voting on the recognition on the Palestinian state, as if Israel isn’t a Palestinian state.

The Jewish people and the Arabic tribes are considered to be Palestinian peoples. Indeed, there isn’t a Palestinian people. Rather a lot of different Palestinian peoples. We have Druzes, Bedouins, unified Arabic tribes, Jews/Hebrews, Aramaics, and Circassians, just to name the main ones.

The objective of this resolution, thus, is to create two independent spaces, where Arabic peoples would live on one side, and Hebraic people on the other, with a hope of lasting peace, which would lead to free movement, trade, cooperation, and even maybe fraternity between the different Palestinian peoples.

In principle, we would see a state inhabited with the Arabic tribes united under the Pan Arab flag. Tribes that have the same national identity as the Syrians, the Iraqis, Jordanians, Egyptians, Kuwaitis, Sudanese, Emiratis, Sahrawi, Libyans, Azawis, Somalilanders, and Yemeni.

Surprisingly those Arabic tribes aren’t even natives of Palestine. But are in fact descents of the Arabic immigration from 1900­-1948, and then the descents of the Arabic invaders of Palestine during the 1948 war, and of the Jordanian migrants during the Jordanian rule of the West Bank, 1948­-1967. See note 2.

It is very easy to check the flags, emblems, and history of national identity, and history of politics of the Pan Arab countries quoted in the paragraph to quickly confirm these facts. These facts can be further explained.

In this Arabic state, the Bedouins and the Druzes would join the united Arabic tribes. These two people are Arabized people. Note that Arabization of natives is how the Arabic civilization practices colonization.

The Hebraic state would be constituted of Jews/Hebrews, Aramaics, and Circassians.

However, Arabs decided it would be different. Under the Pan Arab flag, armies of 5 countries, 2 irregular armies, and volunteers from 3 countries linked to the Muslim brotherhood, invade Palestine, to establish another Pan Arab country, with the same ideology of all the other quoted before. See note 5.

And today we are in a very strange situation… Israel the Hebrew state is finally populated with Jews, Aramaics, Circassians, Druzes, Bedouins, and even Arabs. Living in peace in an exemplary democracy, even if there are still some social issues as in all countries of the world. Every native Palestinian person, thus, inhabits Israel, except for the Arabic Palestinians that choose to unite under the Pan Arab colors. See note 7.

Therefore according to UN resolution 181, Israel is the state of the Palestinian peoples. Israel is the state of Palestine. And today my deputies and the rest of the world wish to create a state of Palestine for an Arabic population that has the same identity as countries that represent 347 times the size of Israel, and who don’t claim in the facts a Palestinian identity. Their claim of Palestine is only on a semantic level.

It’s absolutely absurd.

And the ignorance of my deputies on this question is astounding! But I don’t accuse them of bad faith. The Arabic propaganda is so strong that even Israelis begin to believe it. It’s very sad. Goebbels the Propaganda Minister in Nazi Germany stated about the English that they follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous. That’s exactly true for the Arabic propaganda: all their lies are busted, exposed, and people who know truth laugh of them. But they stick to it, until it becomes truth. And it finally becomes effective, as we now have the French Parliament voting for something that emanates from a lie.

As a humanist, and considering being of good faith a priority, even if their choices throughout history leads me to think that for peace, maybe they should go and live somewhere in the 7,214,071km2 under sovereignty of nations that share their Pan Arab ideology and identity, while I was in Israel, I mourned the death in Gaza this summer. See note 4. Regardless of who must be held responsible of these deaths, my human dignity was raped alongside with the dignity of millions of Arabs and Jews this summer. I am very aware that compared to the condition in Israel and in Europe and America, the Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza are very far from equality.

Continuing on the basis of the Resolution 181. On a more global scale we must find, and expose the enemy. Israel is not the enemy, and the Palestinian peoples that compose Israel are not to be held responsible. The one to blame for the misery of the Arabic population of the West Bank, is the group of states, that uses it to perpetuate the misery their brothers, that violated their dignity, for political ends, and even more, for bellicose ends, in an annihilation of the real native Palestinian peoples. The Arab League often represents this group of states, even if not all the countries of the Arab league follow this path. It is the countries rallied under the Pan Arab flag. Most prominent example is Syria’s goal of accomplishing the Great Syria, with Jerusalem in it. See note 6.

Usually, a state will delegitimize, demonize, and even enter into war with, someone who’s a threat to them, and yes Israel is a threat, a threat in the area of tolerance; tolerance between peoples, religion, and gay rights, a threat in the area of science and research, like technology, medicine, and philosophy. Tiny Israel competes with mighty France. Some states would rather, by nature, choose to throw up roadblocks to the threat instead of working hard and outdo it.

Israel has built in 66 years what hundreds of countries worldwide haven’t succeeded to build in centuries. Israel is this threat, and this threat has a name: Liberty, Human Development, and Emancipation. It questions every dictatorship and abusive ruling states. States that hate Israel, in fact, don’t want their people to know that they are exploited and that Liberty and Freedom can be achieved.

As I finish to write this article, on the 2nd of December, France failed us. Today our struggle for truthiness becomes even more challenging. The only thing I will say to conclude is that Arabs feel happiness tonight, Jews feel soreness, France divided us a bit more and history proves us once again that only us as a people can determinate our future, we must keep ourselves united more than ever. Even if the recognition is not effective right now, tonight the heart of 500,000 French Jews made Alyah.



  1. Résolution 181 : if link broken google “ resolution 181”
  2. The annual growth rate of this population, compared with the immigration archives, show that easily 50,000­-100,000 immigrants from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and other countries, would lead to a population of several millions in a century. Indeed generations are 5 years shorter in average and during most of the XXe century; the number of children per woman was 8. Only recently it decreased to 4. It gives us a growth rate of population of 6.4% per year for 8 children and a little over 3% for 4 children. A mathematical example shows us that: 36,197 * 1.064^48 = 711,001. It means that if we have 36,197 people at a given year, with an increase in population of 6.4% per year during 48 years, the population will now be 711,000.
  3. Pan Arab world: 7,214,071km2
    Israel: 20,770km2
  4. Indeed, even if this idea can be seen as very cruel in our modern world, it is the choice among those available that leads to the least human death. If we decide to create one democratic state, demographics and ideology of the people under Pan Arab flag will lead to civil war and army ruled nation, with a lot of death. If we choose a 2­state solution, it will lead due to demographics and ideology of the people under Pan Arab flag, to a standard war between 2 nations, but even if it is acceptable in our modern world, there will be even more death than in a civil war aborted by IDF. And if we choose the status quo, demographics and ideology of the people under the Pan Arab flag, it will lead to terrorism, stronger “occupation”, walls and ghettos, but it won’t be clear if Tel Aviv will become Warsaw or if Ramallah will become Warsaw. Why do I say “people under Pan Arab flag” because, as stated in the article, all the Palestinian people live in peace in Israel. Even within the Arabs, the only group that doesn’t live in peace is the one under the Pan Arab flag.
  5. In 1948 not all the Pan Arab countries quoted before were already recognized, and some are not recognized yet.
  6. This project is outdated today, but wasn’t 4 years ago.
  7. Even non­Palestinian peoples are free in Israel like the Persian Bahá; those are persecuted in the rest of the Levant and in orient.
  8. Read this note at the end, it’s 8 on purpose!! Even more symbolic because it is today that Mahmoud Abbas, president of the PA, confirm once more in front of the Arab league, that he, and the impostors of the Palestinian peoples will never recognize Israel as Jewish State. Denying the resolution 181, so why would France recognize them on the basis of the resolution 181? In reality even if he wanted to recognize Israel as a Jewish State he couldn’t because Israel is the democratic State of all Palestinian peoples. And there isn’t a value as Jewish as this value of Israel democratic home of the Palestinian peoples. His move is just provocative and populist. In fact I personally won’t give it a lot of attention, because this guys means nothing to us, and the Arab league is just an anti-Semitic masquerade, that meet over Israel Palestine issues when half a million souls left this earth in the past 4 years on one of their territory.
  9. Sorry for the language mistakes, english is not my first language.

Text from Ilansky Naftali


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Elie Bendavid is from France. He spends his time traveling in Israel and coding.