Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Paradigm shift

During the Holocaust in World War II, the world was quiet, and some countries even helped the Nazis commit atrocities.

Right after October 7, we saw a much different reaction from world leaders. The U.S. supported Israel in their campaign to destroy Hamas. European leaders also voiced support for Israel. Later, although many leaders protested against Gazan casualties, nevertheless the U.S. and others still continued to send armaments to Israel. Arab states did not renege on the Abraham Accords. Western and Eastern leaders realize that Hamas is a danger to the whole world. So even though leaders are voicing support for a ceasefire, this is likely being done in order to placate their own populace. Biden and other leaders are trying to improve their chances of getting reelected. But when it comes to the bottom line, most leaders want Israel to destroy Hamas.

So there is a huge difference between how world leaders reacted during the holocaust, and how they are reacting  now.

Today, Purim, we celebrate the miracle when the Jewish people were saved from their enemies in the time of Achashveirosh, a king who, as head of the Persian empire, ruled much of the world. Although he first agreed with a plan against the Jews, G-d orchestrated circumstances in a way that led to Achashveirosh allowing the Jewish people to arm and defend themselves.

This sounds very similar to our times. World leaders were quiet or supported the Nazis, but now leaders are supporting Israel to destroy Hamas.

Perhaps we can say, that an important part of the Purim miracle, and also in current times, is that leaders of the world change from being part of the problem, to being part of the solution. They have changed from allowing or supporting tyranny and evil, to supporting the destruction of evil.

A major part of the miracle of Redemption, is that the world will change. “And the nations will walk with your light.” (Isaiah 60; 3) The Jewish people have, throughout the centuries, been a light to the nations. And in the era of Moshiach, the nations will act according to this light.

Perhaps Redemption with Moshiach is very close, as we see the amazing paradigm shift in our times, when world leaders are basically supporting and allowing Israel to defend itself, and to eliminate evil.

Another unique thing happening now, is that Israel is standing up for itself, refusing to acquiesce to demands for a ceasefire, and Israel is persevering. Interestingly, even when the U.S. tried to bring forward a motion in the UN for a ceasefire (probably for domestic reasons, as mentioned above, in order to help Biden get reelected), it was China and Russia who surprisingly vetoed it. G-d has many messengers to bring about what He wants to happen.

“The eyes of G-d are constantly focused” on Israel. (Deuteronomy 11; 12) We are now seeing open miracles, both in the way world leaders are acting to help Israel, and in the way Israel is now not afraid of world protests and condemnations, as the tiny country shows the world that, despite what the world says, Israel will do what it wants and will persevere.

Redemption seems very close. May it happen soon.

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