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Parallel universe

Kerry’s Jewish state remarks continue to draw criticism | The Times of Israel

What are the prospects for the Palestinian leadership waking up tomorrow and recognising, acknowledging, confirming that Israel, after everything that’s happened, has now gained their full support and acceptance as a Jewish state?

Come on, seriously, think about it.

All right, we all know it’s a bit of a stretch. In fact, it’s far more than that. It’s a dream so divorced from reality that only in some strange parallel universe could such a concept ever be considered remotely viable.

And yet, were it to happen, it would change the entire basis upon which a modern-day conflict still manages to sustain itself after generations of bitter and protracted struggle. Even today, that struggle shows little sign of moving on; there has been no serious modification in its function and what advancement can be discerned seems minuscule in relation to how much further it needs to go.

Then it may be time for everyone to step in and lend a hand.

Maybe that strange parallel universe could be a lot closer than any of us ever realised.

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